Vital statistics
Title Bill The Lizard, Poor Bill, Bill the Sweeper, The Lizard, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male
Race/Species Wonderlandian Lizard.
Faction Shell Louge Squad.

Cynder's Entourage.

Description Durable dispite continuious practfalls.
Skills and Abilities Non-fighter.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.


Alignment Good.
Bill the Lizard is a chimney sweeper from Wonderland who first appeared in the film Spongebob and Friends and Alice in wonderland. He is known to have bad luck, as shown where after an exblowin accures, Bill can be seen flying off to the skys, always to Mr. Dodo's and Cynder's pity torwords him. he's like the jinx but very friendly uncle or brother to the louge, also the neat freak of the group, but does it in a friendly way, maybe as part of his job as a chinby sweep.

Spongbob and Friends and Alice in wonderland[1]Edit

He was asked by Dodo and the White Rabbit to get rid of a monster inside the White Rabbit's house which was actually Alice who had grown large because of a cookie she ate, he is forced down the chimney by the Dodo, the smoke causes Alice to sneeze sending him blasting off into the sky. Bill later appears again to later join the Shell Louge Squad even dispite his minor part with the atempted exicution of the louge before stopped by the white rabbit and the crows, while not strong nor breave, in fact at the face of adverseity, he runs scared like a chicken, but he's an exsellent cleaner and beyond that of chineys, he also took classes on other cleaning works. in other words, the guy's a he-maid. he makes an exsellent personal cleaner for Cynder, who is now the new queen of wonderland.

Bill's questionable past?[2]Edit

Spongebob and Friends meet the great mouse dectecive[3]Edit


Bill with Ratigan? or just an evil look-alike?

He makes a possible cameo as a henchman of Ratigan. it's never sure if the lizard henchmen really was bill or an identical evil twin that excape from wonderland. Obivous defferents is that Bill wears a jacket, while the henchmen wears no such thing. Bill has a greener shirt while the lizard henchmen's shirt is browner. The skin of both of them are defferent shades of green. Also, the lizard henchmen has not even been called Bill, or any other name, it's possably asumed that the lizard henchmen was recyced from Bill's design. Also, the lizard henchmen has no chumny sweep gear.
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