Billy is a main protangonist in the grim adventures. He is a young 10 year old with an extremely low IQ of -5. He is Mandy's best friend though she treats him more like a servant than a friend.


[1]Artwork of Billy.Added by RagglefragglekingBilly has a large pink nose, that he constantly picks, a small red cap, orange-red hair, a white shirt with a blue stripe, blue jeans and a pair of white shoes with a red stripe across them


Billy can be best described as the embodiment of both adages: "Glutton for Punishment" and "Ignorance is Bliss".

Billy say the least, an idiot, whose IQ is -5 (The same IQ test taken by a shovel and two candy bracelets, they scored 17) which is a level well below even the greatest degree of mental retardation and even animals. It is thought that he get's this trait of stupidity as well as his looks from his father Harold, while he has likewise inherited his mother Gladys' craziness and aggression. His intelligence changes from episode to episode, ranging from being less than average to not understanding the most basic of concepts such as eating, leaving him wondering why the bread he's eating gets smaller every time he takes a bite.

He is the best friend of Mandy, who treats him more like a servant than a friend, never being one to pass over the opportunity to influence the stupid. Billy either seems to not notice this or enjoys it considering the only time he ever shouted at Mandy about her treatment of him was when she said "Thank you". According to Mandy, "Billy is an idiot, and will only understand the most extreme of punishments". Billy and Mandy met as toddlers, when he came over to her house, repeatedly ringing her doorbell to annoy her enough to answer. When she did, the first thing she said to him was, "Are you some kind of idiot?" When he pointed out that she had no nose, he proceeded in shoving an ice cream cone in her face.

Billy is also seemingly aware that Grim doesn't like him either, most likely because he tells Billy that at every opportunity. However he still treats Grim like a valuable friend, even if he never listens to him. Nevertheless Grim has shown that he cares for Billy and rather be with him than Mandy since she always orders him about and abuses him.

His last friend is Irwin who he get's along with more than anyone else. The two boy's both have much in common, they both enjoy activities which are normally nerdy (or geeky in Billy's case since nerds tend to be smart). But they are also extremely different; although Irwin has his moments of stupidity, he is also very smart and is considered a 'math nerd', 'socially inept', and 'the computer illiterate' according to Mindy.

Jeff; who is a giant spider and belives that billy is his father, which is not the best thing to be, since Billy is arachnophobic to the highest possible degree. Billy found Jeff's egg in Grim's trunk. Since Jeff saw Billy first when he hatched from his egg he imprinted on Billy as his Parent. Since then Jeff has done everything possible to win his dad's love. However, no matter how good a insect Jeff is, one who anyone else would be proud to call "son", spider or no spider, all Billy can see is a disgusting monster, which he beats at every possible opportunity.

In addition to his Arachnophobia, Billy has Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and fear of the mailman (no phobia name). When faced with Horror's Hand, it reveals his greatest fear is a 'Spider-Clown Mailman' (an amalgamation of a spider, a clown and a mailman).

Billy is the spitting image of his father in both looks and brains (although Harold did get sent a Harvard acceptance letter, which he never received). He also inherited the ability to dance amazingly well from him. Billy inherited the red hair from his mother. It is also possible he may have inherited some of her unstable personality and temper which can be seen when he gets angry where he attacks the cause of his anger violently, mostly when he doesn't get his own way (like in Keeper of the Reaper, when he said he should get whatever he wants, and if he didn't he'd punch everyone in the eye).

Billy is in most episodes the cause of the misadventures the trio take. Most of the time it will involve him taking a dangerous and powerful object from Grim's trunk or receiving one from Grim himself, while completely ignoring Grim's and sometimes Mandy's words of caution, and using it in the worst possible way. Other times he will anger or even deliberately provoke someone or something of great power and evil such as when he purposely tempted General Skarr into stealing Grim's Scythe.If by some chance, Billy is not the cause of the trouble, then he is usually the one that makes the situation worse.

Other TraitsEdit

Billy's life long dream is to be a "Chicken Juggler."

In one episode, Billy discovers that he has a "brother" named De Uglio, who is a large muscular Mexican wrestler.It is proven they are "brothers" by the birthmarks, that they have (De Uglio has it on his neck, and Billy on his rump), which when combined complete a map to the golden nose. At the end of the episode, Harold comments that he is so happy to find the long-lost son, that he never knew he had, because it doesn't seem possible. Del Uglio only appeared in one episode, and was never mentioned again.

Billy is addicted to chocolate. He was once able to eat 10,000 boxes of chocolate all by himself; then, when he turned into chocolate, he proceeded to eat himself until all that was left was his head. This could be a result of the magic chocolate, but even the Chocolate Sailor, who created them, couldn't believe Billy ate that much. He may also have a similar addiction to pie. Billy is a fan of the 'Dinobonoid' franchise. Billy is part human, part God, and part werewolf. He is part God because he accidentally climbed into Asgard where he replaced Thor's brother. He eventually took over Asgard with Thor's Hammer. He is part werewolf because he was bitten by a werewolf on the full moon. So technically, Billy is a very powerful being.

There has been evidence that Billy loves Mandy, but in his stupidity he does not even realize it. For example Billy sometimes calling her "My dear sweet Mandy" and even saying "I loves you" to Mandy in the episode 'Hog Wild'. Plus he has asked and almost married her 3 times; like in The Really Odd Couple' he suggests that they "get married". In 'Keeper Of The Reaper', the judge mistakes the custody trial for a wedding, and Billy immediately says "I DO!!" Lastly, he asks Mandy to marry him in 'Spider-Mandy' Getting the idea Puddin; another friend of theirs, who assumed that Billy and Mandy were already married and the “parents” of Jeff the giant Spider.Mandy has also allowed Billy to engage in physical contact with her here and there on occasions;which something that she rarely allows others to do with her, but only for a short period of time before she becomes violent with him once again. Like letting him hug her more then once, stand one top of her head one time in one of the earlier episodes, and he even got away with giving her a big slobbery lick right on her face. Also in the episode ‘Ecto Cooler’ Billy unexpectedly planted a big wet smooch right on Mandy’s lips. Plus kissing her feet a bunch of time, picking her up and holding her in the air momentarily,and the two of them have even been seen holding hands as well a couple of times in two separate episodes.

Role In The Series:

BIlly appears in Spongebob And The Hyenas On The Grim Adventures Of The KND which is a moisode uncertain to appear. In that film, he ended up merging with the Delightful Children from Down the Lane in order to become the Heartless Borg knock-off, the Delgihtful Reaper. He was eventually freed from the darkness by having his dad remove the lucky pants that made the Heartless so invulnerable.

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