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Vital statistics
Title Herker (Sunset Overdrive) Knockoff, Bodyguard of Saiborg
Gender Male
Race/Species Giant Evil Mutant Creation
Faction Saiborg and Hivemind University
Description Mute, Dangerously Ferocious, Rambunctious, and Carnivorously Murderous
Skills and Abilities Massive Strength, Durability, Regeneration, Adaptive Intelligence, Cybernetic Right Gauntlet That Augments Strength and Has Freeze Ray and Death Ray, Devastating Charge, Cybernetic Implants Do Various Things
Status Still at Large
Location Hivemind University (Current Residence)
Alignment Bred For Evil

Biozerk is a powerful cyber-mutant created in the superweapon villain facilities of Hivemind University by the biocyberpunk student Saiborg. This achievement put him at a good grade, and gave him a slim chance to start his first conquest mission. This abomination stands up to 12 feet tall, and is extremely monstrous and terrifying, the perfect bodyguard for such a supervillain genius. He was created with the DNA of a gorilla, bear, troll, and lizard, and though it made him hard to look at, he was still intelligent. He was also given several cybernetic implants including a large left arm with excavator-like machinery, a right arm which has a cyber-gauntlet that charges punches, fires a freeze ray and death ray, and some other implants that augment him in many ways. It was considered one of the best creations HMU had ever produced.


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