Team Nefarious Logo (Upgraded)

A while after Malefor became the Ultimate Dark Spawn leader with the demise of Chernabog, he began to recruit deceased Big Bads from all sorts of films and video games to serve in his council. One of these deceased Big Bads was Doctor Nefarious, the main villain from Ratchet and Clank. After Nefarious was designated his new found role as a Dark Spawn lord, he immediately demanded respect from the other demons due to his status as Malefor's 2nd-in-command. But before he could make his prescence, the other demons found out about his embarissing life and defeat at the hands of Qwark and Ratchet. What followed was 10 years of non-stop torture of imprisonment for the mad robot from his fellow demons. In the meantime, Malefor had continued to recruit non-demonic and obscure villains into his league. Nefarious hoped that THESE new recruits would not laugh at him and respect him as the warrior he was. Not so, Joe and Fagin still laughed at his stupidity as much as the others did.

Malefor realized that Nefarious needed help. So to cheer him up, the dragon adopted Nefarious as his new brother. But that still wasn't enough to cheer up the doctor. Finally, Nefarious had enough of living under Malefor's shadow and being stuck in Hell. So, he tricked a couple of Darkspawn warriors to build a portal to the United Universes for him. When they were done, Nefarious immediately went through the portal and blew it up after he entered it.

Once out of Hell, Nefarious immediatley decided to rebuild his empire, conquer the united universes, get rid of his so-called brother, and enslave Chernabog for all eternity. First thing he did was recruit Lawrence, his old butler, back into service, as well as rebuild his entire Nefarious Trooper army and his space station.

After recruitng his old allies, Nefarious realized that in order to conquer the United Universes, he would have to build an entire Villain League of his own to provide the grunt work for him. This league would have to be comprised of every villain that was revoked membership to the Villain League or Fang Empire, mostly idiots and his old friend, Emperor Zurg. From then on, the new organization was formed, and it was called: TEAM NEFARIOUS!!!!!!! Nefarious somehow, under the dragon guardian's rader, managed to capture the Generater of the universal bounderies, and intends to send all worlds to the banished realms, unless the villain leage, and Mirage (and the Fang empire should Nefarious learn about them) forsakes Malefor or any other darkspawn lord of high rank and follows him to universeal conquest. alcourse, all he needs is the Metiforical "Key" to the generater, then his dark plan will fly.

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