The Fang Empire Flag

the Fang Empire flag, created after some members were recruted.

Not long after Fang became Makuta's servant and emperor of his own empire, the corrupt snake then realized that he would have to hire a whole league of villains in order to be truly considered an emperor of darkness. To do so, he asked Makuta for an army of Dark Spawn that would be loyal to only him and him alone.

Makuta responded by granting Fang the Bionicle warriors from behind Malefor's back. After Fang gained his soldiers, he sent them across the united universe to find potential recruits, drag them to Imperial Center of a world simuler to Coruscant, and then recruit them to his empire. That was how Othello, Iago's brother, and many other villains were recruited to the Empire. like Team Nefarious, they remained hidden till it's time to make their move on the shell louge squad, due to them being villain leage territory to go after them. comitistion for conquest and hero destorying for villains is usually not toliated or is considerd, a very un-healthy comitistion, cause a feud between villain teams can result in a villain team war.

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