It's Kairi's Birthday again and The Louge are planning to spend time with the birthday princess in Radiant Garden since they haven't seen her after Mirage's comeback. Spyro hopes that Kairi can go flying with him since she's taking a day off of her princess duties and he really misses her. However Spe-Ron is back and still has a score to settle wwith Spyro. He intents on making Spyro looking like a fool in front of Kairi's parents by draining away Spyro's powers with a simuler stone that Sung Sing Song used, but absorbs beyond kung fu powers, and then to have Spyro's butt be smacked around by simple thugs to up the antie! But The Kung Fu Panda Gang and Shen set out to stop Spe-ron from interfearing with Spyro's time with Kairi during the birthday vestivites while Iago and Icky plan to humiliate the jerk with some shenanagins, looney tune style.

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