Black Fang
Black Fang
Vital statistics
Title Scout for Captain Blot
Gender Male
Race/Species Leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)
Faction Blot's Crew
Description Namesake Black Tooth, Scarred All Over, Vicious and Carnivorously So
Skills and Abilities Naturally Semi-Aquatic, Vicious and Fatal Bites
Status Still at Large with Blot
Location Destiny Islands (Homeworld); Wherever Professor Eagle Beak Resides As Of Emperor Lu Kang Part 2
Alignment Evil as a Pirate

Black Fang is a ruthless scout of Captain Blot that patrols the ocean floor. This ultimate carnivore can appear from the surface from out of nowhere and pins down enemies using his massive weight. His weapon of choice are dried up starfish which he uses as kunais to throw at his enemies clothing to pin them down (and Fluttershy's wings when she's tied to a ship mast).


Black Fang was born in a frozen island in the Kingdom Hearts world. He had a family and friends, and was a skilled, clever hunter. But when a large hungry orca comes in and eats his family and friends, it also forces Black Fang to flee. While running for dear life, Black Fang fell down a chasm which the orca could not reach, got lost underwater, and couldn't find a way to surface. Unable to hold his breath any longer, Black Fang drowns, and was never seen again.

Later, he wakes up with a band of pirates led by Captain Blot. Blot said his pet orca, Slaymu, found him and brung him to their ship. After Fang confesses what happened to his family and friends, he decides to join Blot's crew, and aid him on his quest to find Blackheart's long-lost booty. At first, he thought Slaymu was the whale that killed his family, but he realises that the Orca that killed his family had even MORE scars then Slaymu, and it's top fin is very battle damaged.

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