Blanche Kathleen
Black Kat
Vital statistics
Title Black Kat, Girlfriend to Discord
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Draconequus
Faction Draconequus Village of Equestrian Origin, Aztecalope Golden City (Formerly), Mane Six
Description Neutrally Moral, Often Conflicted
Skills and Abilities Equinox Master, Black and Light Magic, Able to Fight Off Dark Magic, Near-Omnipotence
Status Alive
Location Destiny Islands (Homeland)
Alignment Antihero

Blanche Kathleen or Black Kat is a female Draconquus from Destiny Islands. She is a neutral spirit of tough luck and jinx who has lived on Destiny Islands for years until her kind was imprisoned by Dark Gazz, who kept his identity hidden by posing as an antelope named Gaz-zon. Since then, she had spent her life with Dark Gazz studying black magic not to use for evil, but to eventually prevent Dark Gazz from making innocent sacrifices for Dark Cynder. She is currently lecturing Princess Twilight about Equinox Magic, and is Discord's current girlfriend. Though not borned in Equestia, her family tree originates from Equestia, so argueably, Black Kat's an Equestian.


Blanche was born on Destiny Islands in a civilization of Jungle Draconequui of Equestrian origin. She was a kind child, but a crazed trickster. She loved to pull pranks on people, and have fun.

When she became 24, her kind was soon imprisoned by a dark dragon named Dark Gazz, who hid his true colors by taking the form of an antelope priest named Gaz-zon. The entire civilization was imprisoned in his medallion, and their absorbed souls gave him incredible power. He let Black Kat live, and offered to teach her black magic so he could use her as a fear enforcer on the citizens of his Aztecalope city to ensure complete control. But even though the magic affected her mind, Kat felt there was no true accomplishment in treating everyone like they weren't important in life. She didn't like to see the Aztecalopes suffer. But then, during her training, she had gone through that time where the trainee sees visions of the future that would show what would happen if they used their powers for personal means. Kat saw what had happened after she used her dark magic to kill Gaz-zon and get the Golden City to turn against him with lies and freed her kind. Her kind, instead of thanking her, had punished her for murder and conspiracy by sentencing her to eternity as a mouse, and banishing her. Because of this vision, she wanted to quit using dark magic, but Gaz-zon forbidden her from doing so under threat of banishment in his medallion. Having no choice, Kat did as he said, but then she discovered light magic tombs that allowed her to prevent herself from doing the things that lead to the events of her vision, making her an Equinox master. She does all this, and never lets Gaz-zon know about it. She was sure she would protect herself from his influence.

She was sure things couldn't get any worse until the day of Gazz's first sacrifice to Dark Cynder. He decided to sacrifice a 4-year-old Aztecalope fawn, which made Kat understand the darkness that Gazz was holding. She rescued the fawn, and stopped the sacrifice. As a result, Gazz declared her an enemy to the city, and had the warriors to go after her. Of course, the Aztecalope chief was helpless to stop this because of Gazz's pet Spinosaurus, Tony. Kat was soon reduced to stealing and eating their weapons to survive and hide in her escape cave ever since. But when she comes across some heroes, her life would be changed forever.

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