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Black Tie
Black Tie.png
Vital statistics
Title Brother to Fancy Pants
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Princess Cadance's Reforming Monastery
Description Paraplegic
Skills and Abilities Natural Use of Magic
Status At the Equestrian Reforming Monastery
Location Equestria
  • Canterlot (Hometown)
  • Equestrian Reforming Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Black Tie is the evil, jerkoffish brother of Fancy Pants who was a secondary villain in one of the Talltale Stories in The Tallest Talltales EVAH!, was a former member of the Canterlot Bank, and thanks to a conspirity of trying to dispose of Ponyville, was involved with the Mythos Black Market, even eventally became President after the original was lost during the Talltales episode, but once again, another attempt to destroy Ponyville bit him hard again, this time, at the cost of his ability to use his back legs, ending up being handicapped. After a brief time in jail, he was let out early to be under the care of the Reforming Monastairy. His reasons fo trying to harm Ponyville was due to a bad romance fall out involving pretty minor inconvinences.


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  • "Well, don't WE think we're SO special?..."