Black von Skull
Black von Skull
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the Incursion and Any Remnants
Gender Male
Race/Species Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
Faction Incursion
Description Fictional, Depowered, Disfigured, Sadistic, Manipulative
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Agility, Formerly Had Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Teleportation, Power Augmentation, and a Psychic Shield
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
Alignment Pure Evil

Black von Skull is a fictional former-Superior chimpanzee published by Kratos' XD Comix. In the comics, he is a supervillain who was the leader of a terrorist organization called the Incursion and was constantly defeated by his arch-enemies, the Victorians. He started out as a fighter in a long terrible war and vowed to get revenge on his hometown's military for taking away his family by constructing 20 giant nuclear fusion reactor cores that powered every Incursion base on Kratos, and could be detonated with a push of a button if any Superior would try and take him down, and destroy every city on Kratos that was part of the war. Aside from the reactor cores, he also possessed an army of robots, soldiers, and scientists that provided him all the power he needed to take over Kratos. He created the Victorians as a means to create supersoldiers, and he knew many ways to take them down, including his last Incursion plan where he used the Victorians' loved ones to expose their illegal possession of their superpowers. Despite sending his successful soldier, Vanquisher, to make sure they were out of his way, but failed embarrisingly and ended with the Vanguisher's death by his own anger, and a falling super-computer, the Victorians still got to him and defeated him. He lost all of his superpowers, the reactor cores were safely destroyed, and von Skull was sent to jail. But when the remaining members of Incursion, a bunch of robots and The Five Masters of Doom, broke him out of jail, he plotted revenge. The FMOD didn't have the power to bring back his superpowers, so his following battles with the Victorians were just as a regular disfigured chimpanzee with a scary black skull mask. However, eventally, he is not to last forever, and eventally, karma is gonna catch up in a dark and fitting way. His lost powers were super-strength, super-endurance, teleportation, power augmentation, and a psychic shield.

  • Former MCode: PaPshSeSsTpo


von Skull was born in the Kratosian city of Hellen, where he was raised in a happy life which all ended when a war occurred. Later on, the President of Norarnere announced that they were going to join the war, leaving everyone upset that war was about to be taken to them. Devastated, von Skull enrolled in the military of Hellen to protect his family. He fought with his military for years, yet was severely disciplined for his insubordinate action.

Then in one battle, he needed to help his family survive a firefight that his side was losing. But even after his commanding officer forbidden him from his disciplinary position as a scout for a 'little stunt' beforehand, he still disobeys him in order to save them. Unfortunately he and his family were struck by a missile, leaving von Skull horribly disfigured and his parents to be put in comas that would slowly lead to death. von Skull started wearing a ski mask to cover his face, and had started developing a healing serum to save his family. Unfortunately, his commanding officer, after his defiance in the battle, denied his chance and discharges him, risking his one chance to save them. He tried to fight for it, but he was shot down and had seemingly died, leaving his parents uncured and to parish. Fortunately, the asshole officer was rightfully punished for mistreating Black and leaving innocents to die because of Black disobeying him for the right thing. The officer was sentienced to death for massive dishonor and failing to care for civilians.

While about to be buried, von Skull had survived after the gunfire left his spilled healing serum into reviving him, and disappeared, never to be seen again. After discovering that the military let his family die, he blamed his entire hometown, and though he was glad that the commanding officer was sentienced to death for his abuse, the fact he was ever allowed in the millaterry at all felt too much of an irredeemable thing to ignor, and left, gaining himself a black skull mask and sold his healing technology to gain the money to buy up the military forces threatening his old home, and converted it into what was now known as the Incursion as a perfect means of revenge, even building 20 nuclear reactors all over Kratos to provide them power, and even use them as a last resort to self-destruct all civilization on Kratos, dubbed Operation: Black Purge, and allow him to digitally remake it in his own image, in case he should be close to falling.

He planned to initially take over by launching a nonconventional attack on Hellen, destroying the entire city in the process, and this later involved kidnapping several other-worldly animals from all over the UUniverses to serve in his schemes, some of whom later became known as The Victorians, his sworn enemies who dedicated their lives to preventing the Incursion from doing anything terrible. But for years to come, he attempted to use the law forbidding artificial Superiors against them by finding their loved ones and using them to bribe them into publicly confessing the truth.

He finds out and eventually catches them, and his plan succeeds, and sends the Victorians to Superior jail by order of a corrupted General Warhead Hog, to some personal dismay since Warhead reminded him of his own abusive boss, but for professional sake he would allow it. But with help from Grotch Prometheus, Agent Mathis, the reformed Nega Victorians, and Serena Shengavich, they are able to convince everyone that it's what von Skull wants, and after rescuing their families from shock collars and quantonium-injections, they are able to stop von Skull from not only stopping an advancing and unstoppable nuclear missile unlike the ones they've dealt with before from striking Hellen, but also stop him from using Operation: Black Purge as the ultimate last resort. Incursion is finally shut down, and Black von Skull is depowered as punishment and sent to Superior Jail. Unfortunately, not all of Incursion's remnants were destroyed, and this allows von Skull another chance of destroying the Victorians.

Lost Abilities

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