A blackhorror

A Blackhorror is a Berk dragon breed which is infamous for being one of the rarest and most unknown of dragons. They are rarely seen up close and they are aggressive to any kind of dragon, including Red Deaths and Bewilderbeasts. However, their most hated dragon breed are the Night Furies, which share a similar niche and evolutionary history to them. Both look a bit similar in appearance, but the Blackhorrors are more of a midnight ash color, and have indigo bottoms. They share a similar body design to a Night Fury and a Skrill. Blackhorrors have been part of the Mystery Class of Dragons, and have not yet been placed in the Dragon Books. Because of their competition for food and shelter, and their evenly-matched nature, Night Furies and Blackhorrors have an instinctive hate for each other. They are said to even be the reason why Night Furies are an endangered species, which is why they are so rare. Blackhorrors, in the info they have been given by a minimum percent of Vikings, are estimated to be up to 7 meters long, a meter longer than a Night Fury. However, it's actselly like the size of a Monsterious Nightmare on steriods


Blackhorrors are in the Mystery Class of Dragons. Their appearance is similar to a blend between a Night Fury and a Skrill. They have a deep midnight blue and indigo coloration. Their main color is midnight blue, but they also have indigo spots and an indigo belly. They have 2 hind legs, but no forelegs, being replaced with 2 fingered front wings. They have small spines on their backs like a Night Fury, they have a Night Fury's tail flaps, they have short necks, and their heads are similar to a Skrill's head, having several spines and a horn on the top of it's nose. Like Night Furies, they can retract their teeth. They have similar flying maneuvers as a Night Fury, but they fly much faster.


Blackhorror coloration allows it to blend into the shadows just like a Night Fury, but they keep their brighter bellies hidden at all times during camouflage. While they have their own roar, which is just as intimidating as a Night Fury's, often known to scare even a Night Fury, they prefer to be silent while hunting. Their hides are very thick and able to withstand any kind of sharp weaponry. They can rattle their spines to scare off opponents, and the spines can regenerate when broken off. Their teeth can retract like a Night Fury's teeth, and they are also known for their quiet flight. Their wings are so gently built, even a flap sound softer. Their signature ability is their electric/fire blasts that are just as strong as a Night Fury's plasma blasts.

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