Vital statistics
Title Black Doom, Phoenix of Doom
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Black Phoenix
Faction The Heart-Breakers
Description Dark, Powerful, and Nosey
Skills and Abilities Potent Black Magic, Flight
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria (Homeland)
Alignment Loyally Evil

Blackmatter is a rare black phoenix from Equestria that was abducted as an egg by Ned Norc and the Heart-Breakers, and was raised by them. Ned was knowledgeable of these creatures especially since they were among the rarest of it's species. They were birds of prey, they were brewing with black magic, and they used this black magic as a defense mechanism. Ned taught Blackmatter to use this magic to protect him and his gang. His magic was also useful for mental attacks since it's an entity of black magic. He has a similar personality to Diablo the Raven.


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