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Blass Terser Grass
Blass Grass.png
Vital statistics
Title Blass Grass, Blasshole
Gender Male
Race/Species Seron
Faction Grass Communist Group
Description Scarred Right Eye, Missing Left Pinkie Toe
Skills and Abilities Vibro-Axe, Regeneration, Pocket Vibroknife, Little Firearms
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Serotice (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Iophadark System) (Homeworld, Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Blass T. Grass is an Alternate UUniversal Seron from Planet Serotice. He is a very feared gentlemen who is the leader of a communist separatist group who follows the footsteps of his ancestor, Cthass Grass, who was executed for war crimes that caused the apparent end to the friendship of the Serons and Cunones in an attempt to bring communism to both races. He was considered the black sheep of his family since it was disgraced by Cthass' actions, and Blass' attempts to follow it have continued to make them look bad. It went to the point where they disowned him and left Blass to accomplish this feat on his own. Cause of his devotion to the even more controverseal then already seronian communisum "Seronisum", he's pretty much an outcast to anyone who isn't completely like him. His perimently damaged eye is a shining exsample and proof of it. He refuses to get a cybernectic replacement because it's considered "a sign of weakenss" to him, and managed to still be approuchable dispite his disturbing feature. His followers grown used to it, but new allies often can't help but to question why he neglects to care for his eye, even when he insisted that the dead eye itself was removed and the second eyelid perimently closed up. He and his followers are among the more major reasons why the Cunoones and the Serons still avoided each-other, outside of the war his bloodline started and both races having mixed feelings for how it was settled. He has learned to become a formidable fighter who inherited his ancestors' many war vibroaxes for melee combat, and also keeps a pocket vibroknife in case his vibroaxes aren't an option.


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