Jollerone Plazeum Blood
Vital statistics
Title Bleeder, Bleeder Lord, Bleeding Lord, King Bleeder
Gender Male
Race/Species Rufousback Korono (Koronodon erythronotus)
Faction Independent
Description Vicious, Ruthless, Blood-Thirsty, Bitterly Wise and Intelligent, Philosophical, Territorial, Monstrous, Cruel, Stubborn, Mentally-Repressed
Skills and Abilities Flight, Durable Toothed Beak, Stealth, Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Size, Loud Caw-Roar, Digestive Acid-Based Mouth Projectile Armosis, Sharp Claws, Heightened Sense of Smell, Hearing, And Sight
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Bleeder Caves, Tolvent (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil
Jollerone P. Blood, AKA Bleeder, is an Alternate UUniversal Korono from Planet Tolvent. He is a flying mammoavian who lives within deep hostile caves containing valuable red crystals, as these crystals were a far more powerful cousin to laserum that Awesome Jaxtom sought out for improved weapon capabilities. While he did manage to gain a few for the next few months, the mining operation had to be disbanded and the new weapon line using this ore had to be discontinued because of the arrival of Bleeder, who had hibernated throughout the entire mining operation, and upon seeing the operation, slaughtered them brutally for trespassing on his home. His entire family being slaughtered by Uridian hunters for sport in the distant past, he is the last of his family, and thus declares the caves his, and after the craziness and him announcing his name, Bleeder, the caves were named 'Bleeder Caves'. Aside from him, the Bleeder Caves are teaming with hostile wildlife including chiropterans including Brakks, arthropods including Krobwies, Scerthids, and Spidkladdants, and other predators including the Skrags, Feverkers, Gladiozonts, Vhurks, and so on. As a result, bones and blood stains lay all over the place, which is among the many reasons the cave holds true to it's name, the Bleeder Caves, and it is conveniently located near a volcano called Mt. Korono. Since then, he has enslaved bandits who got stuck in his grasp, keeping them there forever and eating any who try and fail to escape. Dark as he appears, a lot of his actions are linked to the fact his family were mercilessly killed off in the name of sport by the Uridians, even when his family were of the sentient variety and capable of speech due to the fact Koronos in ancient times were treated in the same vain as Pteraveus, being given unflattering legends and horror stories about them, thus are viewed no less differently than animals, having 5x the reputation of bats, creating the end result that such Koronos like Bleeder have gone to these lengths for survival purposes because of being mindlessly feared.


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