The Lougers and the HA are called into Urdia once more to meet up with the Vault Seekers, who were hired by the reknown beast hunter, Prizer Neo, the son of the missing Prizer Retro, has offered an extensive money's-not-an-option prize of a pay in return to help him claim the head of Bleeder, a feared name in Planet Tolvent. Bleeder is a flying mammoavian who lives within deep hostile caves containing valuable red crystals, as these crystals were a far more powerful cousin to laserum that Awesome Jaxtom sought out for improved weapon capabilities. While he did manage to gain a few for the next few months, the mining operation had to be disbanded and the new weapon line using this ore had to be discontinued because of Bleeder, who had hibernated throughout the entire mining operation, and upon seeing the operation, slaughtered them brutally for trespassing on his home. His entire family being slaughtered by Uridian hunters for sport in the distant past, he is the last of his family, and thus declares the caves his, and after the craziness and him announcing his name, Bleeder, the caves were named 'Bleeder Caves'. Aside from him, the Bleeder Caves are teaming with hostile wildlife including chiropterans including Brakks, arthropods including Krobwies, Scerthids, and Spidkladdants, and other predators including the Skrags, Feverkers, Gladiozonts, Vhurks, and so on. As a result, bones and blood stains lay all over the place, which is among the many reasons the cave holds true to it's name, the Bleeder Caves, and it is conveniently located near a volcano called Mt. Korono. Since then, he has enslaved bandits who got stuck in his grasp, keeping them there forever and eating any who try and fail to escape. And Prizer Neo has soughted out Bleeder for likely having slain Bleeder's father in trying to hunt him for both revenge and the glory of killing Bleeder. Though the Vault Seekers have no quilms with it due to having bad run-ins with Bleeder in missions, the Lougers and the HA were less enfusiastic, long familer with the pattern that Bleeder is likely another product of a long ago discrimation from old times. As such, when the group arrived in the planet and found the caves, it didn't took Bleeder long to cause some trouble for the groups, deviding them and capturing them one by one! When the heroes awake, they found themselves in the ruins of a destroyed hidden civilisation filled with straggler Koronos that came to serve Bleeder in being survivers from other Urdian sport hunts. Thus, the group discover that it's not just Bleeder anymore, but a slowly recovering tribe of Koronos that likely still are holding grudges about their treatment in the past. As expected, thanks to unflattering horror stories and legends, the Koronos are basicly the equilents to the Peraveus problem in that they were feared as monsters to the point that they were viewed no differently then animals, explaining the merciless sport hunting of even sentient Koronos. Now the heroes aim to quill the Bleeder problem without the way Prizer Neo intended by getting Bleeder to see that the Urdians had long changed from those primitive times. However, in thanks to discovering that Prizer Retro did in fact die, but within reason that he was trying to organise a revolt that nearly endangered Bleeder's surviving Daughter, Bloody, Prizer Neo ultamate proves to be no better then the sport hunters of the past and threatens to implant a bomb that will cause Mt. Korono to erupt, destroying the struggling Korono civilisation and partically the planet along with it since Mt. Korono is considered "The Volcano Heart of the Planet", thus meaning that Prizer Neo basicly became a planet terrorist! Can the misfits stop a vengeful son, all the while stop Bleeder from having an over-reaction to Prizer Neo's threat and regress back to where they started, if not became worse?

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