Blobulus Herry
Vital statistics
Title Blobhead
Gender Male
Race/Species Unidentified Sentient Organic Chemical Lifeform
Faction Independent Isolated System Criminal
Description Rough, Cunning, Sneaky
Skills and Abilities Robotic Exoskeleton, Rocket Flight, Force-Field-Protected Helmet, Expert At Firearms
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Spacetropolis (Beta Universe, Groid Sector) (Birthplace)
  • Zeta Station (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Corionus System) (Imprisonment Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Blobulus Herry, crudely dubbed Blobhead, is an Alternate UUniversal criminal from Spacetropolis. Born in a space city resting within an oxygen-rich nebula in isolated Groid Sector territory, he is a collection of organic chemicals that form a sentient gelatinous head stored and stabilized in a robotic suit that became one of the biggest criminals of Union of Independent Systems territory that commonly gets imprisoned on the Zeta Station. (TBC...)


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