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Superwritermaniac Superwritermaniac 23 May 2019

Rules Reconsideration.

In due to a bad arguement I had with a once-banned user over in Villains Wiki, and that it forced me to delete the elder Dormammu Page (Though a repost will be welcomed if I can get a new purpose), it made me realised that the Rules and Guidelines may need revisement, espeically on the rule prohibiting Marvel and DC characters. Please comment on a comment exception for this blog post to talk about what should occure, should the Marvel/DC ban be lifted?

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Brendyn.robertson Brendyn.robertson 21 March 2017


Today's my 23rd birthday!!! :D

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Brendyn.robertson Brendyn.robertson 25 October 2016

Bad news. :(

I've got bad news. My dad got out of the hosiptal and my grandmother said that he don't know how long he have left to live. I'm scare about this.

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Brendyn.robertson Brendyn.robertson 24 April 2016


Why are my comments keep getting deleted?

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Brendyn.robertson Brendyn.robertson 18 January 2015

Once Upon A Time

Have you heard of a show called, Once Upon A Time?

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Kamarley.henry Kamarley.henry 6 January 2015

Sorry for last year

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Dragonrule S Dragonrule S 8 November 2011

Villains Defeat and Death

Hey it's Dragonrule S and I'm making SuperVideoManiac/Scroopfan his own Blog about the villains defeat and death so this for SuperVideoManiac/Scroopfan.

  • 1 SpongeBob's Adventures of The Jungle Book
  • 2 SpongeBob and Friends Meet Aladdin
  • 3 SpongeBob and Friends Meet Mulan
  • 4 SpongeBob and Friends and The Emperor's New Groove
  • 5 SpongeBob and Friends Join The Rescuers
  • 6 SpongeBob and Friends Meet Robin Hood

Kaa: Fell down out of the tree by Marty kicking the tree.

King Louie : Carry a little bit of statue and almost got killed.

Kaa: Fell down out the tree twice.

Nuka: Ran away.

Makunga: Attacked by Nana and took him away.

Zira : Ate by a Giant Eel.

Shere Kahn : Mowgli ties the branch of fire on Shere Kahn's tail and ran away.

Plankton : Flew away up to the storm.


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