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Bloggle Zi Zoxoide
Vital statistics
Title Bloggle the Ancient
Gender Male
Race/Species Gaxanoid
Faction Gaxanoid Kingdom (Formerly), Villains Act (Formerly), The Dark Radicals
Description Elderly
Skills and Abilities Intelligent Manufacturer, Flight, Stabbing Cane
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ancient Hive Palace, Gaxanosis (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaxano System) (Hometown)
  • Radical Temple, Goalax (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Current Dark Radical Location)
Alignment Evil

Bloggle Zi Zoxoide, AKA Bloggle the Ancient, is an Alternate UUniversal Gaxanoid from Planet Gaxanosis, a former member of the Villains Act, and a long dethrown Tyrant of his own people. He is now currently a member of a new villain's team called The Dark Radicals, and has since found himself, a clearly brillient war genius, dragged down by the over-comidence of Nuke Munbay, and is often over-looked with Bloggle's clearly brillient plans with Nuke's obviously flawwed from the start ones. While the other members, even Rude Hacko are quite willing to listen, Nuke underestimate Bloggle as "A feeble old man" and criticisizes him for being far past his younger days. Bloggle has resentment for his own family, even more so to his own daughter Caseryem the Young, who inspired the people to overthrow Bloggle. Oddly enough, he has the personally of grouchy old war veteran and, even more odd, is obcessed with pinwheels. Irrguardless, while not an inventor, he has a good knack for robotics in terms of the "big picture" while others make it a reality, which resulted in creating at least three drone series for the Act, but the strongest and current one is the now imfamous Starbot Drone Series.


Coming soon...


"The villains of today, it makes me SICK!! No wonder the Villains Act fell! I don't need this, I'm going back to my pinwheels!!"