Blood Crystal
Vital statistics
Title AUU Spinel (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Geon
Faction Ninth Member of the Great Crystal Government
Description Traumatic Insanity, Hates All Organic Life, Genocidal, Nihilistic, Extremely Cackley, Sadistic, Violent, Ruthless, Relentless
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Absorbs Energy Weapon Attacks, Indestructible, Extremely Strong, Resilient, Light Manipulation
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • (Unknown Post-Apocalyptic Birth Planet)
  • Geo (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Geodesio System)
Alignment Evil
Blood Crystal is an Alternate UUniversal Geon from Planet Geo. She is a fanatic of a race of eusocial gems that developed sentience through their complex prismatic formations that can absorb light and create energy and data this way. All Geons support no authority in the AUU as they despise organic life for their historical mistreatment of worlds including invoking climate change, toxifying atmospheres, polluting, overpopulating, driving great creatures into extinction, and above all disrespecting their own place in the biosphere. Seeing themselves as the true form of life because of this, they aim to destroy all organic life and replace it with the help of their leaders, the Eight Crystals of the Great Crystal Government. But Blood Crystal was born unexpectedly out of the worst example of sentient disrespect to the environment as a crystal made from the blood of dying people and animals, toxified soil, and a variety of other things, impressing the Crystals with her ideas and improvements so much she became the Ninth member of the GCG. But even they failed to recognize that Blood Crystal was too dangerous to even live because her actions could end up hurting them. Blood Crystal aims to use giant bacteriophage/lava lamp-like harvester machines to destroy all organic life and evolve the worlds into new Geon worlds, and she was almost close until she was shattered by Team Cibarron. She is the AUU version of Spinel, but with very major changes.


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Blood Crystal is a complex crystal made from crystallized organic blood and toxic earth and water, given sentience with the complex prismatic formation. As a result of the trauma of the people whose blood make up her crystal, and due to a Geon instinct of thinking for a planet, she blames organic life for the desecration of hundreds of planets. The trauma also drove her insane and she has a habit of letting out ominous evil laughter that actually scares people. She doesn't even share the same speaking voice because of the many people inside her crystallized blood composure.

Blood Crystal shares the same powers of the other Eight Crystals. She is completely indestructible as she can survive even staring in the face of an astrolaser. She requires no sustenance, oxygen, or organic needs, her body automatically adjusts to the gravity and atmosphere of any planet, and can manifest a solid light body from her crystal. She can manipulate light and manifest holograms, disguises, illusions, can turn invisible, and can conjure light shields. As a Geon, she cannot be harmed by energy weapons as she can absorb energy blasts and add the energy to her power, or can smack them away, or rebound the energy back to sender. As a blood-composed crystal, she even has the uncanny ability to control blood and can even control toxins.

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