Blooddog Rover
Vital statistics
Title Bloodhounder, Male-Bitch
Gender Male
Race/Species Bloodhound
Faction Mr. Knife's Corrupt Turkey Farm (Formerly)
Description Wounded Left Eye, Multiple Injuries, Weak Sense of Smell
Skills and Abilities Bloodhound abilities.
Status Imprisoned
Location Dragon Realms Norfolk, Virginia (Hometown)
Alignment Brokened to be Bad and Sadistic

Blooddog Rover is a bloodhound from the Dragon Realms who was the second-in-command of the turkey farm owned by Mr. Knife and serves as the abusive turkey-keeper who gave harsh punishments to turkeys who tried to stand up against him. Ever since he lost his left eye to a rebellious turkey named Necky, he ran a tighter grip on the pens and raised the harsh rules. When the turkeys began revolting, he was injured and was not only fired, but he was sent to jail with only his grandson to visit him every week. Blooddog mainly became this way to keep Knife satisfived due to the richer and powerfuler coyate buying out his family and keeping them from suffering a worse fate then simple forced servitude.


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Blooddog is a bloodhound with an eyepatch covering his injured left eye, and wears a farmer suit.

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