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Vital statistics
Title Prehistoric Serial Killer, Motherf****** T-Rex, Mecha-Bloodjaw (When Improved)
Gender Male
Race/Species Tyrannosaurus rex
Faction Independent
Description Semi-Sentient and Mute, Vicious and Carnivorous, Primitive Mind
Skills and Abilities Powerful Jaws, Naturally-Excellent Smell, Can Feel Soundwaves Through Feet, Ear-Piercing Roar, Has The Fearful Control to Gain Head-Mounted Death Rays, Back-Mounted Missile Launchers, Titanium Alloy Armor
Status Still Frozen in Dante's Freezer
Location Dragon Realms Dante's Freezer (Current Residence)
Alignment Primitive Instinct-Driven Evil

Bloodjaw is a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Cretaceous Period who is half-sentient, vicious, murderous, and relentless. He is the arch-nemesis of Tiki, and was frozen in combat with her. They broke apart into separate ice shards, whereas Tiki was the first one unfrozen. However, Bloodjaw's frozen body is discovered years later. Bloodjaw breaks free, and goes on a rampage.


Cretaceous Period

Bloodjaw was born around the same time as Tiki, and his life wasn't easy, just like any other young dinosaur because in the Cretaceous Period, there were thousands of killers. Some of Bloodjaw's brothers and sisters have been killed, but Bloodjaw and 2 of his sisters, Dongros and Ginkgo, have survived. When they were about a few months old at the T-rex's equivalent of 8 years old, a vicious Dakotaraptor named Dako attacked them, for his main job was to hunt and kill juvenile T-rexs so he would be rid of the competition. Bloodjaw was brave enough to defend his sisters, but winded up getting his neck bitten by Dako. However, before Dako could choke him to death, Ginkgo and Dongros defended him by biting Dako in the legs. Normally, this would be enough to cripple Dako, but Dako, having his hatred fueling him, manages to stay standing, and break Gingko's neck, killing her. When Dako is this close to killing Dongros and Bloodjaw, their mother arrives, and tears Dako apart.

Bloodjaw grew up with his parents and Dongros, who was still alive. However, a Triceratops fight killed Dongros and Bloodjaw's mother. As an act of revenge, Bloodjaw slaughtered the Triceratops. While Bloodjaw won the day, his father was severely wounded by the Triceratops' horns, and slowly died as well. This gave Bloodjaw his fearsome reputation. He murdered many dinosaurs no matter how tough they were.

Bloodjaw soon mated with another T-rex, and had 10 eggs. However, many of them have been eaten by Tiki's flock. In retaliation, Bloodjaw killed the entire flock except Tiki, who began fighting him to the death. They soon ventured into a tundra where they were frozen in ice. Bloodjaw and Tiki soon broke apart into separate ice shards, and winded up in different areas in the Prehistoric Arctic Glaciers.

Present Day

Bloodjaw with Upgrades

Not too long after Tiki was unfrozen, Bloodjaw was uncovered, and taken into scientific research. This research went on for 5 days until one scientist decided to get a DNA sample from Bloodjaw. But when he drilled in the ice to use a needle to collect the DNA, the pain caused Bloodjaw to go berserk, and easily break free of the ice. Bloodjaw then went on a huge rampage. After seeing how powerful the military was, he decided to force the scientists to fit him with armour and weapons to help him. Soon, Tiki would figure this out, and know who to call for help.


Unlike Tiki, Bloodjaw's full-on primitive to the point of pure basic animalisum (like the Carnotaurs from Disney's dinosaur), he is incapable of speech, yet has a pretty strangely modern sense of although still primitive and impressionable intelligence. He is even impressed by modern-day or futuristic technology, and can even force them to be his if he wanted by threatening to eat someone. Bloodjaw is a powerful killer, as is every T-rex that lived. His banana-sized teeth can tear a man to shreds. Bloodjaw can also run at a rapid pace. He is estimated to run at exactly 30 mph, slow but fast enough for him to catch a running prey item. His arms are of no use to him since they're very tiny. His roar is extremely loud, and can really scare someone senseless, that is if being devoured is not dangerious enough.