Bloodjaw Returns is the 21st Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. It is discovered that Tiki isn't the only live-preserved dinosaur in the Dragon Realms. Scientists have found the frozen body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the same glacier Tiki was found in, which they intend to use for research. However, while trying to extract a DNA sample from the frozen dinosaur, the T-rex is hurt bad, gets angry, breaks free from the ice, and goes on a rampage. Tiki gets news about this, and informs the Shell Lodgers that that T-rex was in fact her enemy, Bloodjaw, from the time she came from. She explains that she and Bloodjaw were frozen in battle and broken apart. Now, Bloodjaw is forcing the scientists to fit him with their 'cool stuff' so he can wreak more mayhem.  Now Tiki and the Shell Lodgers must face the now armoured and weaponized Bloodjaw and defeat him once and for all.

Material Used

(This song will be used as a gag)

I'm a Motherfucking T

I'm a Motherfucking T.Rex

Replacement video cause the other one was borked.


Chapter 1: Frozen T-Rex

Chapter 2: The T-Rex Escapes

Chapter 3: Tiki and Bloodjaw's Old Quarrel

Chapter 4: Weaponized T-Rex

Chapter 5: The Final Battle

Chapter 6: End of Bloodjaw?


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