Bolo Harold Bloodwater
Vital statistics
Title Bloodwort (Codename)
Gender Male
Race/Species Hydrocabiais (Hydrocabiais halicolus)
Faction Sea Squirrel Deviation
Description Mentally Unsure, Tough, Barbaric, Merciless, Mean, Paranoid, Scarred-Up Face, Pirate Obcession.
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Semi-Aquatic, Dual Energy Wands Capable Of Manipulating Red Energy, Acrobatic, Cunning Strategy, Intelligence
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Greatness Isles, Aboafronoe (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Quinxiote System) (Homeland)
Alignment Evil
Bolo H. Bloodwater, codename Bloodwort, is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Aboafronoe. He is a rogue member of his species chased out of his own dimension by a declaration of genocide, and has since become a member of the Sea Squirrel Deviation, a rogue organization of his species out for revenge against the oppression they suffered. Starting out a farmer with dreams of becoming much bigger until loans turned him into an antihero pirate, but once his friends and love interest were killed by the genocide and he almost died trying to save them only to get a bloodshot and blind eye and slightly-disfigured face, he swore revenge and joined the Deviation. He makes a living as a merciless smuggler and private army leader capable of coordinated takeovers and will stop at nothing and do anything to accomplish a mission including murdering humans, his favorite sentient beings, regardless of interdimensional differences, feeling betrayed by them for not responding to the genocide. He gave himself his codename after the infamous AUU hemotoxic plant. He's prone to really ham it in on the whole pirate aspect to the point of being abit of an unhinging annoyance, as he doesn't truly have a pirate accent because of not growing up that way, but does it anyway.


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