Vital statistics
Title Blossoma, Lady Indexyca of Terms
Gender Female
Race/Species Infinitary, Magic Being
Faction Glossaryck
Description Loves Gelatin, Just As Awkward As Glossaryck If Not Less Awkward
Skills and Abilities Unlimited Magic Capabilities, Omniscient
Status Currently "Deceased"
Location Unknown
Alignment Amoral Good
Lady Indexyca of Terms, real name Loosonary, often dubbed Blossoma, is an Infinitary and a sister of Glossaryck, coming from the Book of Spells of Mewni that was eventually assigned to Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe when he stole the entire index of the Book of Spells to create his own guide for his magic spear before he left Mewni after a draw battling Queen Eclipsa as a package deal. Compared to Glossaryck's love for pudding, Blossoma likes gelatin, which in The Magic Realms, consumption gives unlimited access to the magic's capabilities for a limited time.


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