Bluck Benny Borislav
Vital statistics
Title Bluck the Braindead, Bluck the Boob, Bluck the Cluck
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Hobgoblin
Faction Stromtrolli and Mr. Lawerence's Pony Slave Trade (Defunct)
Description Dumb and Crazy
Skills and Abilities Little to Ridiculous
Status (TBA...)
Location Equestria (Homeland)
Alignment Evil

Bluck B. Borislav is the mentally retarded and moronic of the Hobgoblin trio in Stromtrolli's private Hobgoblin tribe army. When slavery became illegal, many Hobgoblins in the tribe were either without slaves, arrested or even killed as a result for keeping pony slaves, but the tribe was too simple and near tribeal to understand civilisation laws and unsettled bad blood formed ever since. This made them acceptable to become servents to Stormtrolli and Mr. Lawerence, who easily used them to snag ponies for business and revenge. Bluck has the only normal Hobgoblin features aside from unusual super-brute force and being able to snag nearly 50 ponies in one hold. He's apart of the raiding party that randomly attacks any pony location that snags alot of ponies. But when they snag 5 certain mares, their misguided attempt to keep their tribe standing through greed will be their heavy downfall. Bluck also had a fur coat from killing a bear once, which would make him the most unfavorable Hobgoblin to Fluttershy, and even more so to the rest of the mane 5 for being incrediability stupid. He sometimes proves to be an annoyence to even his allies and own tribe-members. Close simularies with Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy.

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