Brandy Mayla Firewater
Blue Brandy
Vital statistics
Title Blue Brandy, AUU Bitch Pudding
Gender Female
Race/Species Azoolde (Pantheria azulinae)
Faction Mieberian Underground (Formerly), Mieberian Underground Renegades
Description Unorthodox Craziness, Profanity, Abrasive, Violent, Assault-Prone
Skills and Abilities Natural Agility, Self-Taught Combat Skill, Feline Attributes, Intoxication Doubles Fighting Efficiency Yet Makes Her Unstable For 12 Hours, Wields Any Weapon She Wants
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • New Calm City, Mieber (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Maaphus-Corruptus System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Brandylyn M. Firewater, AKA Blue Brandy, is an Alternate UUniversal Azoolde from Planet Mieber, and adopted sister of Red Brandy. She's pretty much like Red, but while Red is a true brute, Blue does attempt to show SOME smarts, but anger usually quills that quickly. Like her adopted sister, her history is unknown. Together, the two were ferocious and feral in a fight as the two had evenly-matched skill and could both get more dangerous when intoxicated with alcohol. However, like Red, she had to be restrained when a mission is done because afterwards she remains feral until the next 12 hours. The two will remain formidable with this duo skill, but it only worked when there were Underground peers that kept them from doing excessive damage. But once Undergrounders are gone, the strategy can no longer work, and thus Blue has to look over her sister and herself. She too has a personality similar to that of Robot Chicken Bitch Pudding, but she has much more self-control than her sister. But she misses fighting with the same recklessness as her sister, and thus she continues to this day to find any remaining Undergrounders who are willing to offer some control over them.


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Blue has the same abilities as her adopted sister. Having natural night vision, panoramic vision, good smell and hearing, agility, and whiskers which can pick up vibrations. She has the same tolerance to pain and the lack of stress to learn any move she sees in action even once. However, unlike Red, she shows self-control, and tones down her fighting and recklessness, and even keeping her adopted sister from taking her recklessness too far. Like her sister, she is versatile and can wield any weapon she comes across, and is an equal expert in stealing them. Plus, because of her balanced mentality, she is a far better strategist than Red.

Like her sister, she goes on a 12-hour feral rampage when intoxicated by a sip of blue brandy from a liquor bottle, and like her sister, she requires restraint until the intoxication wears off. She can at least tone down and even decrease her intoxication length by drinking water on the side after discovering it could help quell hangovers. But even with this precaution, it still won't make the strategy of dual intoxicated fighting any safer for anyone other than their enemies.


Like Red, Blue has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but not at a complete level as Blue still retains some sane mentality. She and Red were said to have been raised in the same orphanage and were adopted as sisters until they became the criminal Undergrounders they are now. Blue is indeed crazy and insulting to her opponents, but she is easier to approach to a softer side than Red. She looks after her adopted sister with her life, doing anything to do so, even having to risk being intoxicatingly feral even when Red already is. Though despite her soft side, it is barely recognizable as she appears as unorthodox as Red.

Despite being the most mentally-stable of the two sisters, she is not completely without recklessness as Red. She makes offensive jokes and uses vulgar language that can easily set people off, she can hold serious grudges, she is a kleptomaniac, she gives no concern for her victims most of the time, she will kill anyone who pushes her sister too far, and she is no easier to negotiate with as her sister. She only makes moral decisions on her own as she feels that relying on others is counter-intuitive.

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