Boan Paxton Contraxina
Vital statistics
Title Boan of Skabbis, Snake Tribe Lord
Gender Male
Race/Species Contraitor
Faction The Snake Tribes
Description Endling, Immortal
Skills and Abilities Black Magic Snake Staff
Status Still at Large
Location Skabbis (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Boan P. Contraxina is a member of a believed to be exstint race of armed snakes called the contraitors, being originally both the main ruler of Skabbis and the original creater and owner of the former Snake Tribe mining planet Rocen. Boan is the high believer of A great darkspawn called The Great Eater, a darkspawn beast of destruction. Long ago, his kind first attempted to bring forth the great eater, with Boan being more then a churchmen at the time. Of all of the snakeiniods, the contraitors are the highly influencal and realijustus of the great eater. The Contraitors converted all the races to their side, in hopes to make the united universe a snake dominated world. but thanks to the first cartoonian war, they're darkspawnic worship has been basturdised and hatred by the high council, exspiecally the dragon guardians of old, particulalry Ignitus's ansister. the Dragon Guardians demanded the snakeiniods to forsake their mission, but Boan inspired everyone to fight for their right to see their god, failing to realise that the great eater is but an abomination creation of Chernibog, and that the snakiniods were subiqoiunted accsidents. Angered by this, Ignitus' ansister made the volient and bold move of going out of his way and basicly attack the contraitors genisidaly. the dragon guardian ended up pushing it too hard when he murdered Boan's beautiful wife and children. This forces Boan to release the great eater, but before it could do anything, an un-named Cobra sage banished it back into imprisonment. Boan threaten he will not rest until the great eater arises and punishes the sins of the non-snakes and the Cobra Sage, right before he and all of the snake tribes were sealed away in sepreate parts in certain parts of the united universes. what Boan last saw before his containment was closed, was the high council praising Ignitus' ansister for his "heroic" actions. this disgusted Boan, and made his lust for revenge stronger. and thanks to the fact that Snakiniods are immortal thanks to the Great Eater's venom, Boan and the snake tribes are not yet done with the united universes that betrayed them so, espiecally how bad Boan got it. he eventally does get released in The Snake Tribes return saga by Roy Baddy, and though eventally discovering the great eater cannot be controled, he remains evil for awhile and eventally took part of the Dark Order with the snake tribes. But soon Boan's power-hungry quest as well as a villain lead to his down fall in Nega-Equestia, the inner-circle lead by the soon to be reformed Or-Gan-I-Zation tried to counteract his exicutuion in The wildlife Snakeiniod protaction program, but failed in the most unbelieveable way, but Boan nearly escaped when more of his kind was reveled to still be alive in How Boan fooled the justise system, but finally was set on the stright and narrow path by Lilo's compassion, Or-Gan's karma working in ironic ways, and the WWF refusing to give up on him, which prevented a date to the exicutioneer's axe in Escaped from Death's grip truely. The other snake tribes and their leaders were taken away under the reforming wings of the newly good path Contraters.


  • "I am Lord Boan! Speaker and Prophet of the Great Eater!"
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