Gene Perry Blackson
Vital statistics
Title Bogeymenace
Gender Male
Race/Species Melanistic Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Faction Independent Villain
Description Superanimal, Fictional
Skills and Abilities Natural Cat Attributes, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Self-Detonation, Invisibility, Ghosting Powers, Intangibility, Memory Manipulation
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • New Sparta, Kratos (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Bitterly Evil

Gene P. Blackson, AKA Bogeymenace, is a fictional Superior black panther who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is a black BIG cat who used to be bullied for the classic meme that he's a 'black cat' which means 'bad luck', which in term was also insensitive to cats in general, which he used as experience to become a children's entertainer at Mimzy World, a theme park in New Sparta. His career went well, too. He earned a lot of money for his knack at scaring teenagers and making kids happy in his main attraction, Boogey Bogeys, where he used his memory manipulation to find out a person's fears, and make them get defeated in a comedic way. This attraction was the 3rd most popular in the park until the Challenger Children came to battle The Trickery Twins, a battle which damaged his attraction. This got him fired after he was unable to pay off the damages, even when it wasn't even HIS fault! The Theme Park had a near Tyrantical Theme Park Owner, who would later become a villain himself in a future generation as The Theme Parkateer. Blaming the Challenger Children and the Conquest Children for the loss of his job, he swore revenge. He became one of the various enemies of both the Challenger Children, and The Stand-Lone Kidz (The Conquest Children reformed). He made his first appearance as a villain after the Challenger Children watch a horror movie that causes them to get terrified. He causes the Challenger Children to believe that their hideout is haunted by a ghost called 'Dark Cat Miner', which was rumored to be the reason why the mine they converted into their hideout was abandoned. Of course, Turbo Child believes it to be a myth, but when he is haunted by Bogeymenace after he hears that he isn't afraid of anything, he starts panicking. They soon find out about this 'ghost', and they confront him. While Bogeymenace's memory manipulation was able to stop most of the Challenger Children, Turbo Child is the only one who is more adult and manages to defeat him, sending him to jail. Of course, Bogeymenace escaped, and did the same thing to the Stand-Lone Kidz after they watched a horror movie, but they find out from the Challenger Children that it was Bogeymenace, and they are embarrassed to have fell for it the same way they did. They defeat him, and he has been constantly targeting them ever since. Even when the kids had defeated his former boss who he had attempted to turn them both into freakshow attactions, he still goes after the kids fruitlessly. He is rude, insulting, and is an excellent fear-mongering supervillain after he watched several ghost movies in his childhood. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, self-detonation, invisibility, ghosting powers, intangibility, and memory manipulation.

  • MCode: GhItbIvbMmSaSdSe


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