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Vital statistics
Title Bokrug the Lurker, The Great Water-Lizard
Gender Male
Race/Species Lizard Mischiever
Faction Azathoth
Description Apathetic, Hates All Life, Nihilistic, Monstrous, Brutal, Violent, Ruthless
Skills and Abilities Natural Lizard Abilities, Rapid Regeneration, Temporary Reactive Adaptation, Amphibious, Immortality, Powerful Weapon Experience, Divine Senses, Green Toxic Fire Breath
Status Banished To The Hibernation Realm
Location Xoth System, Mad Rims (Birthplace), Lake of Sarnath, Mnar, Dreamlands, Demon Realm (Mischiever Home), Hibernation Realm (Current Residence)
Alignment Villainous

Bokrug the Lurker is a lizard Mischiever who once terrorized the Demon Realm of The Owl House in the Lake of Sarnath, where he ravaged cities like Sarnath, Ib, and terrorized the cities around the River Ai, in the Dreamlands land of Mnar. In the Lovecraftian story The Doom That Came To Sarnath, Bokrug is depicted as the lake-dwelling god of the semi-amphibian Thuum'ha ("Voiceless Ones") of Ib. The deity slept beneath the calm waters of the Lake of Sarnath that bordered Ib and Sarnath. When the humans of Sarnath cruelly slaughtered the populace of Ib and stole the god's idol, the great deity stirred. Each year thereafter, strange ripples reportedly disturbed the otherwise placid lake. On the one-thousandth anniversary of Ib's destruction, Bokrug rose up and utterly destroyed the city of Sarnath, so completely that not even ruins remained. Afterwards, the Thuum'ha race recolonised Ib and thenceforth lived undisturbed. Bokrug would go forward to terrorize the wetlands of Mnar, and even often bring aquatic or reptilian SCPs and OFs with him. He was especially infamous for being the surrogate father of SCP-682, his brother OF-696, and Agent 682, after kidnapping them as eggs from the Indestructile Dimension where creatures of an immortal nature protect the Crust Realm of the Multiverse from threats, being one of their first during the Occult Wars, and they were set to be rescued by OF-296, a giant Jormungandr snake with the same powers as the three lizards and is actually the opposite of their views, seeing life as precious, and reveals all the fake SCP entities that Bokrug made up to instill fear and the feeling of insignificance into his victims including the Scarlet King. Bokrug is possessed by the same Mad Rims energy that caused the projected apocalypse of SCP-5000, which overwhelms the mind, heart, and soul of all effected by it, they are all figuratively destroyed and poisoned with the same views as SCP-682 and OF-696. Bokrug is thus classified as the first true SCP-682, who views life and existence the same way SCP-682 and OF-696 do, as disgusting and insignificant, and he can imprint any monster with the same views or even infect others with it using the right techniques. His goal is to exterminate anything that lives and breaths, and yet he found himself at home in his isolated lake. Soon he would be defeated by Luz and her friends as well as an axolotl-lizard friend of Pollyp named Camille who was also imprisoned in The Conformitorium. His true Outer form is unknown, but it's guessed by some that he is a Mischiefied Indestructile himself.


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Bokrug is a 20-ft lizard man with a Komodo-dragon-like appearance, but an alligator's skin and head, a long muscular iguana tail with three clawed fingers on the tip, iguana spines, webbed hands and feet, a basilisk back and head crest, a long forked tongue, was coated in greenish fur, an additional mouth on his dewlap, and tentacle head hair.