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Bolden is a gelada from the Madagascar world. He is a renowned former performing primate and a hater of magic as he lived in the previous zoo as Darla the Baboon and her sisters as a sensational attraction who performed tricks. He had always been scared of these baboons because of their magic, but soon found himself stealing a spell from them to use for his own personal gain and enhance his performance. As punishment, Darla and the others cursed him to never perform properly again unless he apologized. But when they were all transferred before he could do so, leaving him cursed forever, Bolden swore revenge and declared his hatred of magic. He was soon lifted of this curse by the Antimagic Hand and soon aimed to get back at Darla for what she did to him. He is a crafty manipulator and wields a dangerous talisman that can sap magic and countercurse people, capable of swaying others like King Julien, another albeit-deserving victim of Darla's curses, into aiding him, as he does not need magic to fight against it, as he simply needs to get others to do what he wants, only fighting when he must, and he can fight very well as a primate.


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Bolden carries a talisman around his neck made of crystallized antimagic. This allows him immunity to curses and magic, and can rebound curses at the ones who cast them. He can enhance his own skills with this medallion and dry people he chokes of their mana and even curse them with their own magic if desired. He can turn magic into antimagic if desired as well. This makes him too dangerous even to the likes of Darla.