Boll Cruge Zykes
Boll Zykes
Vital statistics
Title Freegiver Zykes, Head of Zykes Magic Market
Gender Male
Race/Species Urban Barbear (Barursus urbus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council Student (Formerly)
Description Bitter, Autistic, Often Abusive, Uncaring, Careless, Blindly Unconcerned, Selfish, Greedy, Power-Hungry, Intolerable To Protesters or Ethicists, Intolerable to Annoyances or Cruelty, Mean, Heartless at Times, Honorable At Certain Degrees
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Magic (Formerly High Level, Now Classic Level), Potions, Augmentations
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
Alignment Honorably Evil Yet Irresponsible

Boll C. Zykes is an Alternate UUniversal Barbear from Planet Folbox. He was a former student for the Magelio Elder Council who has sworn off magic for years and lived on Hoihoi for years since he kept being irrespondsable with it. As a student, he used his powers for personal gain such as tampering with free will by mind-controlling his family into giving him what he wants, and even doing whatever he wanted to them, and by keeping his girlfriend from breaking up with him, an act of which is severely punishable, and even avoiding the criminal charges faced by harmful and physical actions on even his own mother through mind-control. Thus, he was called into a trial, charged for using his powers for personal gain, and further charged with treason by demeaning and disrespecting the Magelian Council's rules. As punishment, he was not only robbed of his powers and banished, but everything he ever did with his abuse was undone, and he was sent to jail. After his release, he attempted to make the Council pay for what they did to his life, and after unearthing and acquiring a powerful magical combat attire called the Ehaexonic Battle Armor, with two combat wands, magic straps, and a magic crown that grants 100x powerful magical abilities that are capable of terrible things, including corrupting the user. With these at hand, he attempted to destroy Magelio to the point where even the Council couldn't stop him by adapting to every strategy they had, and he almost went through with it until he seemingly stopped on his own terms, claiming that "just destroying you stubbern assholes isn't fun anymore", ditched the armor and left. Thus he instead asked for a sentence of exile, and thus he left everything he ever knew, concealed his identity, and went to Vermithrax where "he wouldn't have to worry about causing anymore harm ever again', but in reality, it's so he can just open up his own Maigilo shcool so he can teach anyone magilo, whether it's for good reasons or not, believing that "Great power should be free for everyone", disavowing respondsiability in favor of freedom to do what you please.


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Boll is an autistic bear-like creature with an intolerance to stupidity, smartass attitudes, annoyance, or anything he considers cruel and unjust. He has a sour relationship with his family, particularly his single mother and sister, whom he believes can treat him however he wants and he was powerless to strike out on his own because they would peeve him off so much, he'd commit a crime and be sent to jail. He has often times struck his own mother, and has done more so with his sister, and yet they threatened to send him to jail like smartasses if h did so again. He is downright indignant, cynical, and socialist to them and anyone he meets. When he was told of the rules of not using magic for personal gain, he not only insulted that rule and committed an act of treason, but he took sour displeasure when they took his power and undid everything he did, resulting in legal action causing him to nearly destroy the Council until he realized that it was too easy, and that he wouldn't necessarily accomplish anything by doing it, and he preferred to just have magic be a right, and just founded Zykes Magic Market.

Though his market is successful, Boll gives little to no concern to who uses them, as in his contract, the ones who use his product are the ones who take responsibility, and knowing how strong his products are, they must pay when they misuse it, as it is not his problem. This has earned him controversy in the magic world because he not only flat out leaves people to suffer by taking away his customers' power when he feels they are being irresponsible, but he leaves the risk of them becoming just like him, as he is simply being no better than what was reaped on him when he abused such power, as he says that since he used the Ehaexon Armor to nearly annihilate Magelio, he has gotten more responsible, and not only turned in the Armor, and promised to leave it alone in exchange for an exile off of Magelio as he wishes never to return or have anything to do with them, as he had a better choice of occupation by teaching people that magic can be used by the public, making himself in charge in that department, and claims he automatically has anyone who misuses it punished, not taking responsibility for that person's misuse like he should, as the magic merely does the work for him.

He doesn't care about anyone else in his customers' lives, as he only cares about his customers' wishes, whether for personal reasons or for cash. He claims that he has the right to refuse service to anyone, and also reserves the right to be unfair to any as long as the product is used morally and ethically. He loathes and despises ethicists, people who tell him what to do, or for people who treat him badly, as he has the power to make that perfectly clear. He will not hesitate to eliminate any threat to his business, and even though he sworn of power as strong as Ehaexon Armor, he claims he will only use that kind of power as an absolute last resort, and that using it first is not honorable and a cheap maneuver. He only starts small with enforcing the 'good nature' of his business, and never escalates a fight unless his threats do. He will make it clear to his enemies that infringing the will of his business will never be tolerated.


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  • "You think I LIKE this lifestyle? I'm not using magic as strong as the Ehaexon Battle Armor anymore, because I felt that, given how I got here, it was overkill, when I should've went in a more logical route. I mean, have you BEEN THROUGH MY SHOES?!? My sister is a BITCH WHO DOESN'T LEARN TO STOP TALKING CRAP AND CRAP, AND ONLY BE NOTHING BUT AN ANNOYANCE, AND MY MOM WAS NOTHING DIFFERENT! They KNEW they could manipulate me into not standing up for their RUDE behavior, because if I did, I'd be sent to jail. Why SHOULDN'T I have used magic on them? They didn't give me no reason to respect them. They got what they deserved. And you call it wrong of me to do that to them? Yes, all the other things were rotten and I am nothing if not an honorable villain. I chose to stop because, hey, after all I did, it would be far too easy, and I realized that's not what I want. What I want is for people to fix problems however they wish, yet not do it the way I did. Magic for personal gain is nothing to be ashamed of unless it's too malicious. I took it too far, and so I decided to open this school. I'm not a bad person. But you don't understand what it's like to deal with bullcrap in your household. I opened this because magic shouldn't be bound by rules. All they do is make you powerless to your life. I do this for them to bring better things and assert themselves, and if they persist, they pay the price. So if you are intolerable of your OWN friends and family, then come on down here. If you still think magic is a gift that shouldn't be used to aid people in lives like mine, go f*** yourself!"
  • "So what if a sibling cast his sister out for something she did multiple times? It's her problem for not seeing it was gonna bite her in the ass, and just being an insufferable smartass. If she was gonna be a deliberately careless trouble-maker to her own brother, then she should learn to be more considerate or nice. But as long as that discipline is not abused wildly, it will be fine."
  • "You think it's wrong what I'm doing? There's many things wrong in people's lives. People are jerks. People are unfair. People treat you however they want and if you stand up to them, they have you punished. People accuse you of something wrong. People have you injured. People don't shut up. People do anything that you don't like, and there's never been a DAMN thing they could do. I PROVIDE them the means to do good. Magic should be used in a way that doesn't seem too malicious, but more beneficial. Friends bicker, a quick spell, and they make up. A guy threatens you, you make them stop and rethink their lives, and not have a worse fate. A guy does something wrong to you, make them admit it to the people instead of yourself when obviously nobody will believe you. Someone being unreasonable? MAKE them listen with your magic. Any problem you have, you can use magic to solve it. But you must be careful with how you use it, as like with time travel, things have consequences. But if the need to the many outweigh the means of the few, then just give any ethicists who think this is wrong the middle finger and say "What was I supposed to do, just that asshole go unpunished or changed?" Grow up and do something beneficial with what's a good gift that shouldn't be wasted."
  • "I give them what they want as long as they don't abuse their contract of use. If you help one settle differences with magic, that's fine. But if you use it to manipulate cops and resist arrest, to get away with cheating in a competition, to get away with crimes without being spotted, then it's fine as long as it is justified. But if it is done abusively and greedily, then the contract is up and you lose them and everything you did is undone. Sure that's how I became a villain, but I acknowledge that I took it too far, so I understand that abuse of my gifts is unacceptable. If they suffer heavily, then it's their own damn problem."
  • "To ensure my powers are used responsibly, there is a code of use in your contract. You must understand the ways you use your powers. Like one instance, if a person you don't like treats you awfully and you slap them and give them what's coming and they threaten legal action, you mind-warp them to make them acknowledge that they did wrong. But if the person was justified, then that counts as an abuse of power. You can only get away with irksome acts as long as they are justified. Of course, there are limits, and there will be catalogs and reports to your use, but when it gets out of control, your contract will be taken with your power."
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