Bobby Stoneon Gillon
Vital statistics
Title Bomb-Sard, Bomb-Commander for Clast Bombers
Gender Male
Race/Species Gilonster (Helodermdont monstaur)
Faction Clast Bombers
Description Loyal, Sympathetic to His Master
Skills and Abilities Heaing Factor, Jet-Pack Helmet and Suit of Armor, Powerful Conventional Weapons, Occasional Outlawed Firearms
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Homeworld)
  • Clast Bomb Stronghold, Gastar (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Theelon System) (Current Clast Bomber Residence)
Alignment Loyally Evil

Bobby S. Gillon, AKA Bomb-Sard, is an Alternate UUniversal Gilonster from Planet Xorizome. He is Clast's obedient yesman, and the bombing commander of all his henchmen. He started out as a mere worker, but stayed with him even when arrested, and vowed to help Clast seek revenege on the council that refused to understand him.


Bobby was born on Planet Xorizome with a xenobiologist mother and a space marine father who served during the Interuniversal War long before the Villains Act. Bobby grew up to be a captain of Clast's security guards.

However, when Clast began getting blackmailed by the Villains Act to make them illegal explosives, Bobby tried to warn the police. However, he and the guards were stopped and brainwashed by the Villains Act, causing them to serve Clast regardless of the manufacturing of illegal explosives.

But when they were caught and arrested, it turn out that the Villains Act and the one invovled directly into it, General Tex, didn't had the actual intention to murder Clast's family as punishment. It was all but a scare tactic to scare Clast into willingly make bombs for them. The VA, thanks to Tex, was surprisingly understanding that what happened to Clast and Bob wasn't their own fault and had no prior predictions or knowledge that their operation was found out, so the worse that was gonna happen is that Clast's family was gonna be turned into mine slaves until the ineditable Grand Council demand to release them after a fair trail was given. Problem is, a misguided disobedient idiot named Lt. Blacker ended up thinking that not protacting their own hides would cause an unstoppable attack and could become a desistating blow to the VA. So he created a forged order to trick less intellent Starbots into killing Clast's family and made Clast look like a greedy fuck with thanks to a fake "holo-journel". Bobby was unable to correct this and point out the lies thanks to being brain-washed. Blaming the Council for the loss of his wife and children, Clast de-brainwashes Bobby by stealing one of their brainwashing helmet. Bobby feels horrible for not being able to stop this "injustice" to happen, so he agrees to help Clast get revenge. He gets a high-tech jet-pack suit, and supplies the suits for the rest of the de-brainwashed security guards, and they all become Clast's henchmen. Together, they find a secret underground hideaway where they can smuggle illegal explosives so Clast can exact his revenge.

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