The final battle has come. The heroes soon find out that Clast was a rich military businessman who created weaponry to aid in fighting the Villains Act until the Grand Council shut down the company for secretly creating illegal explosives. Seeking revenge, Clast joined the Villains Act. Now, he has kidnapped the Head Councilmember, Headmaster Warson, and accused him as the one responsible for ruining his life, and is attempting to plant the last of his nuclear bombs in the middle of the AUU Grand Council building and destroy the city completely. And in case the heroes should interfear, Clast put an electric collar on Warson's neck that will zap Warson if he gets too far from his transmitter. It's up to the Shell Lodge and the Heroes Act to end this once and for all. Fu-Xi has a plan that'll switch around Clast's death collor on Clast instead, so when the lougers do stomp his plans, well, he's in for the "Shock" of his life.

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