Barney Lyrm Bones
Vital statistics
Title Bone-Lick
Gender Male
Race/Species Harvest Gnole (Pallivhome nudicolleum harvestus)
Faction Inependent Criminal
Description Mentally Insane, Cannibalistic, Schizophrenic, Mean, Vicious, Semi-Mute, Voracious, Murderous, Sadistic, Ruthless
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Strategy, Balanced Mentality
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Treacherous Canyon, Carbungia (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Barney L. Bones, AKA Bone-Lick, is an Alternate UUniversal Gnole from Planet Carbungia. He is renowned as a ruthless, murderous, cannibalistic, semi-mute, voracious, and incredibly sadistic bandit leader in his territory of Carbungia, as he is a known tormentor of the people of Buckling City, only being fought off by Sheriff Moreland. His story is a mystery even to himself as he is too insane to even remember, as all he knows is that he was 'born to be who he is'. He is mostly-silent because he had a scar inflicted upon his mouth by Xandy before she became a member of the Heroes Act. He is a strategic madman on par with Heath Ledger Joker, and has a similar voice despite not talking much. He is given his nickname because of his habit of eating his dead victims, and even raping them in a necrophilic manner, and even reportedly ate his own parents after he killed them.


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