Vital statistics
Title Gavin (Birthname), Brother to Gilda
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Independent
Description Aggressive, Grudge-Holding, Mean, Dirty
Skills and Abilities High-Speed Flight, Silver Tongue, Limited But Efficient Combat
Status Locked Up
Location Equestria (Homeworld)
Alignment Bitterly Evil

Bonebreaker is a griffon assassin from Equestria who hates only one thing: Pinkie Pie. He is also not fond of Tons'a Fun for a comedy rontine gone south sometime in a live comedy preformence. After she accidentally humiliates him, he swore he would get revenge by getting her banned from Ponyville forever. Bonebreaker is Gilda's longlost brother, and can be more hot-tempered. But some just say all he needs is a friend.


Bonebreaker, birth name Gavin, was raised in the Griffon homeworld of Equestria, the Griffon Kingdom. He and Gilda lived there for a while until they became separated at age 3 when their parents were divorced. While Gilda lived with her father, Bonebreaker lived with his Aboriginal mother, Hilda. Bonebreaker spent his early life in the Griffon Kingdom with no memory of his younger sister. He first had a job at racing, but he soon felt that he was losing his edge, and retired.

When he was 20, Bonebreaker became a fan of Tons'a Fun for her skills in comedy and acting. This went on for a while, and eventually, Tons'a Fun hired him as an actor in her new play, but winded up playing a character who was the butt of all jokes without knowing. While he could take the misery, he hated Tons'a for not telling him about the character, and never wanted to see her again.

While attending flight school in Los Pegasus, Bonebreaker was sent to Ponyville to aid some pegasi in weather clean-up, but things went sour when a loud pop makes him lose focus. Pinkie Pie had popped a balloon nearby, and scared him into a storm cloud, where the lightning sent him falling to the ground. Pinkie came and helped him up, only to accidentally step on one of his hind feet, causing him to fall into a couple's dinner by mistake. Pinkie tried again to help, but only winded up spilling hot coffee into his lap. Bonebreaker then leaped straight into a boiling cauldron, causing him to lose all his feathers. This makes all the ponies laugh at him, making him very mad at Pinkie, and vowed to get revenge on her.

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