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Bertram Torrent Boomerstien
Boombox Bertram.png
Vital statistics
Title Boombox Bertram, Jazzy Gecko
Gender Male
Race/Species Gold dust day gecko (Phelsuma laticauda)
Faction Mammoth Studios (Formerly)
Description Currently Troubled In Jazz Career Due To Long-Outdated Music Style
Skills and Abilities Good Dancer, Singer, and Musician, Naturally Clings to Walls, Regeneration
Status Alive
Location Cats Don't Dance World
  • Los Angeles (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral/Evil by circumstances

Bertram T. Boomerstien, AKA Boombox Bertram, is a famous Jazz musician Gold dust day gecko who once worked as an actor in Mammoth Studios before Danny, Sawyer, or even Bird Fagin came into the picture. Bertram was praised for his impressive singing and dancing skills, and popular song lyrics. But he was soon taken out of the studio thanks to Bird Fagin. Since his retirement from Mammoth Studios, he sought to get even with Mammoth studios, and eventally, he gains the attention of Batula.


Bertram was born in the Warner Bros. version of Hawaii as the son of a Madagascar jazz musician father and a Hawaiian waitress mother. He has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. When he grew up, he got a job as a jazz musician, and decided to spread his fame throughout the world by going to Hollywood, where he was hired by Mammoth Studios and stared in tons of movies, aside from putting up with the rambunctious tempers of Darla. His music grew in popularity faster than Justin Bieber, and he made lots of money with his songs Gecka Gecka Going, Gotta Get Into Life, Pimp The Rhythm, Dance Like A Hippie, and Jump to the Top.

However, his career life was ruined when Bird Fagin came into the picture. At first, Bertram thought of him as some kind of goth who doesn't believe in 'Pimpin' the Rhythm' as he described it. But then, Bird Fagin chose a new song for him called Jumpin' Mad. (It is a song Bird Fagin made up himself) However, he didn't realize that the lyrics were in fact meant to insult animals in crude and hurtful ways. When he sung it, things didn't end well for him, and he was fired, much to Bird Fagin's pleasure.

As his music life crumbled slowly, he moved to Los Angeles and became a lesser-known karaoke singer. But soon, his reputation would soon attract the attention of Batula.