The Colli system is home of the dog creatures that inhapit it. A system under a monarchy. This system is currently suffering from a great rebelion over the sacred artifact capable controling fate itself. A self-indugling king uses it to prevent his death from cancer to prevent his popular son from aking over so he can stay powerful. The Collians never new peace ever since. The Ha came to the planet to see if they can straighten things out in the Colli system at least. However, they discover that the King has a good reasonfor not allowing his son to claim the title of king. Prince Muttly is a bit of a serious asshole, and the reason why he's so popular because he wants to return the Colli system back to it's days of being unstoppable warmongers and return the system to "War and Glory" to the entirity of the Eta to destroy the entire Zeta Universe because they deemed Zeta to be an abomination to "The Glorious Eta". Thus reveiling that the King was only denying his son "his desteny" because he was protecting Zeta from doom and destruction, and stopping a self-rightious twat from destroying the Zeta universe. On top of that, The Prince realised that the HA aren't gonna be his allies and turns the people against them! With the HA captured, the Grand Council calls for the aide of the Lougers to stop these Zeta haters from getting what they want and protect King Muttly from being dethrowned by his dipshit of a son and prevent the return of a war-mongering Colli System. Can our heroes tame these bad dogs?

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