Borgen the Executive Officer 19
Vital statistics
Title Borgen EXO-19, Overlord Borgen
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species AUU Robot
Faction Chronicus' Rogues Gallery
Description Robotic
Skills and Abilities (TBA...)
Status Still Active
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Taimgor (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Chronizoc System) (Homeworld)
  • Chronicus (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Chronizoc System) (Hiding Place)
Alignment Sadistically Evil

Borgen the Executive Officer 19, AKA Borgen EXO-19 and Overlord Borgen, is an Alternate UUniversal soldier robot from Planet Taimgor. On a world that shares the same system as Chronicus, he is a rogue military robot that, despite never being mentioned in the story of Wired Emotion, was introduced in it's prequel story Wired Beginnings, and was the one responsible for the robot empire that ruled the dystopia that was ended with help from Maxus-001. As the result of a faulty combat program made by a complete joke of a sciencetist that was meant to increase fighting efficiency, Borgen grew into a sadistic tyrannical overlord who used an army of a million robots to dominate the entire planet and slaughter thousands of innocent people, and leave little hope for human kind. With the whole planet under his control, he was eventually planning to conquer the rest of the system and beyond, confident that his vastly-superior war machines would be a match for even the Princesses. But eventually, hope came in the form of Maxus-001, which came out as a robot that was trained to have emotions and was emotionally-scarred enough to end the war, aiding the rebellion to hold off the outside invasion plans for over 7 years until the empire crumbled, leaving Borgen to be sentenced to permanent termination for his crimes. However, while the original was destroyed for good, he had a contingency plan and made another exact copy of himself to continue his work should the original be gone. He has yet to begin a plan of revenge, yet has never even shown up ever since.

Story and History

Story History

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  • "The question isn't WHY, it's WHY NOT? I mean, who's going to stop me? Nobody has before, and they never will."- Wired Beginnings
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