Boron X2
Vital statistics
Title Boron
Gender Male
Race/Species Defective Xenon Clone
Faction Kryptonia
Description Mutated And Dim-Witted
Skills and Abilities Xenon's Abilities
Status Locked Up With Kryptonia
Location Dragon Realms Eagle City

Prison 42 (Current Residence)

Alignment Loyal to Kryptonia

Boron X2 is a clone of Xenon created by Kryptonia and is one of her assistants alongside Neon X1. After her attempt to create a more upgraded clone failed with the creation of Neon, Kryptonia decided to go the easy way out and create regular clones. As a result, the first normal clone was Boron. Though Boron was much stronger than the other Xenon clones, he was just as stupid as Neon, and was often times a little clumsy with his brute force. Though he is a formidable fighter, and will defend his master without question.


Coming soon...


  • The picture seen here is the second earliest concept of Xenon.
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