Crafin Jooa Aroon
Boss Aroon
Vital statistics
Title Boss Aroon
Gender Male
Race/Species White-Bellied Nogser (Ritticersus canescens)
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Cybernetic Head Composition, Satellite Ear, Prosthetic Eye, Toe, and Left Arm
Skills and Abilities Quick Running, Cunning Intellect
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Maath Cise, Yortex (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Jork System) (Hometown)
  • New Teal City, Yortex (Current Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Boss Crafin J. Aroon is an Alternate UUniversal Nogser from Planet Yortex. He is a crime boss who provided the Villains Act with the planet's robotic technology after the Villains Act took it over. He is a genius who had lost part of his body in an experimental accident that left him with part of his head being robotic, having a satellite ear, a robotic left arm, and a prosthetic toe. He is a distant cousin of a Globex worker and he has a menacing personality. Like other crime lords who joined the Villains Act, he didn't join for the sake of being 'conquest-happy morons' like the other members, and is in fact more of a funds parasite than a truly-beneficial member, espeically with Boss Curk and Boss Nakkon. He and his two friends attempted to bring an end to Crime Lord Seftin who was an anti-hero mobster by tricking him into attacking the Grand Council in hopes he would be killed, but Seftin's tendency to not be taken down easily worked against them and Seftin ended up becoming a member, reducing Aroon and his friends to become a 'VA secret' to avoid a violent betrayal. Feeling ashamed that he made a major short-sighted plan, he vows to leap at any chance to be rid of Seftin for good. He hates Seftin with a passion, but is secretly in love with his daughter, Sava Sable.


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  • "History is a story told by the winners of the fight!"
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