Aulby Gox Pion
Vital statistics
Title Boss Gox Pion, Fabertown Scum
Gender Male
Race/Species Sabochan
Faction Fabertown Criminal Society
Description Missing Rib, Infected Ear, Blind Eye With A Tech-Monocle
Skills and Abilities Good Fighting Skills, Self-Defense Vibronaginata, Tech-Monocle Grants Enhanced Vision, Partially-Armored Suit
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Szárunti, Sabochalla (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Glamri System) (Hometown)
  • Fabertown, Sabochalla (Current Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Boss Aulby Gox Pion is an Alternate UUniversal Sabochan from Planet Sabochalla. He is known to be a famous crime lord in a community not too far from the planet's capital, and aims to one day take over the capital itself. He has a massive amount of power over his own community of Fabertown, controlling trade routes, media, currency, and several other things, practically going as far as he can to get the power to expand his syndicate. He never considered turning to the Villains Act because he believed they were too good for his tastes. However, he was offered a chance to expand his business by ICC Exelbrok, who offered to grant him complete control over Szárunti through several easy scams and tricks as a simple invasion would not only be out of his comfort zone, but it would be unnecessary. He soon agreed to participate in Operation: Darkworld, a Villains Act contingency plan that would give hope in boosting fallen villains in their weakening edges by showing that villains can still stand strong by showing them crime worthy of their strength, including the takeover of Szárunti, and even the chance to overthrow Emperor Arbyen Vu Niao. He is still waiting for this chance to this very day. Until then, he continues to rule Fabertown's criminal underworld and territory beyond.


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