Bloston Zhey Sunblack
Vital statistics
Title Boss Sunblack, Boss Black Star
Gender Male
Race/Species Qlarg
Faction Leader of The Black Star Syndicate
Description Scars, Cybernetic Left Eye, Prosthetic Ribcage and Heart, Power-Hungry, Rough, Rude, Manipulative, Egocentric, Demanding
Skills and Abilities Cyber-Eye Grants Enhanced Vision, Clever Criminal Skills, Master Planner and Strategist
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Jostafar (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Globrunx System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil
Boss Bloston Zhey Sunblack is an Alternate UUniversal Qlarg from Planet Jostafar. He is the leader of the infamous Black Star Syndicate, headquartered on his home planet, which is found in the AUU's capital of corporation: The Globrunx System, founded by the namesake founder of Globex Industries, Dr. Karana Globrunx. He is a master criminal leader who was raised in the most intelligent of criminal deeds with ancestors that were big during the Great Stagnation, a time when crime ran rampant. He was raised by a master criminal single father who was guilty of several life-threatening crimes involving destroying planets, eco-terrorism, and so on, all for the sake of cash. Later on, when he died of a heart attack, his son took the power he had and converted it into the Black Star Syndicate, even confiscating what was left during the Great Stagnation across the AUU, especially the falls of both the Old and New CrimeTech, and many others. However, despite being the head honcho of the Globrunx System for decades, he now stands in a rivalry with the Ilijirice Clan, a Grutt criminal clan run by the infamous Jiombra the Great, which nearly caused them to get into a destructive gang war for his philosophy of 'never apologizing'. Thus, he continues to run much of the criminal activity in the system he ran, and even ended up getting a member of his family clan to serve as his second-in-command in the form of Jiombra's bitter uncle, Zire the Atrocious. He even seeks Jiombra's lost son, Rotton, hoping to make him one of the Gruttlet slaves he acquired during his rule to make a Grutt clan of his own to take Jiombra down by having them aquire an army of Pharcums because of how they obediently answer the call of any Grutt, even one without any infamy as of yet so he would then take over Jiombra's clan, and every grutt in existence. While Jionbra isn't an exact improvement, it's clear that Sunblack is the worse of two evils here.


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