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Curk von Valite
Boss Curk.png
Vital statistics
Title Boss Curk
Gender Male
Race/Species Apricot Dack (Mallamus fulvus)
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Bad Eyesight, Mobster Personality, Clipped Wings Means No Flight
Skills and Abilities Cunning Attack Planning, Dancing Skills
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Juann Zen, Eurocov (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Jork System) (Hometown)
  • Eurdguny Wastes, Eurocov (Current Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Boss Curk von Valite is an Alternate UUniversal Dack from Planet Eurocov. He is a former member of the Villains Act who is still living a life as a crime boss who controls the Curk Mafia, a criminal syndicate which was meant to help the Villains Act make it easier to control the planet for it's amazingly-hidden defense system. They have never been able to find this defense system and destroy it, and today the Mafia is still active. Now, Curk's syndicate is intending to destroy the defense system itself, and take over the planet. Curk has still never found it, and the authorities have still been looking for him. He is an associate to several other crime bosses around the AUU, including his best partners Boss Aroon and Boss Nakkon, VA or not. Thing is, like the other VA crime bosses, he is not truely loyal to the VA, or actselly in it for "that redicioulus conquest of worlds stuff", for the crine bosses were only in it to leech off of the Villains' Act spoils and profit from them. This is ESPEICALLY true when a scam against Crime Lord Seftin that was meant to get him killed ended up making him a member, and the exsisence of Curk and the other crime bosses' membership had to be kept a secret to prevent a violent betrayal, espeically since that Curk and two other masterminds of the scam are actselly Seftin's most hated enemies and that Seftin is asentually a mobster verson of Captain Axxus, that he was doing what he was doing as a sort've anti-hero, and only turned villain cause of the formentioned scam not giving the exact results the mobsters wanted.


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