Gordon Pell Gagnon
Boss Gagnon
Vital statistics
Title Boss Gagnon
Gender Male
Race/Species Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei)
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Smoker, Blind Eye, Relatively Passionate, Loves Pizza and Desserts, Low Intelligence
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Agility and Viciousness, Often Flawed But Effective Henchmen and Guinea Pig Bodyguard
Status Still at Large
Location Athletecus (Homeworld)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Boss Gordon P. Gagnon is a gorilla from the racing capital of the UUniverses, Athletecus. He was raised by a single selfish and abusive father who wanted him to be in the wrestling business instead of his real dream of being a racer. He was very close to achieving this dream until his reward money was stolen by his father, who ruined his career as punishment for his disobedience. Angry at his father for ruining his dream, he hired assassins to kill him. When the assassination was successful, he was unable to restore his dream since his father's influence ruined it permanently, he became a crime boss for an underground syndicate which actually profits and extorts other racing events. Both aggressive and dimwitted, he would extort races with the utmost passion and would hurt anyone who referenced his awful father. He was aggressive with his own employees, yet he would still make up for it with things like pizza parties, which often included drinks and desserts. The only one he truly respects is his assistant, Reece, who is his also his bodyguard that can kick butt even for the height that reduced him to villainy in the first place.


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  • "(Sighs) And people say I don't try to play nice."
  • "You bring the cash, we'll bring the crash!"
  • "When I'm through with yous', your vehicles will be more broke than a...uh...a broken object...and you'll be just as broke...well, not the money thing, well, maybe the money thing as well, but...well, you get the idea!"
  • "I'm offering a free pizza party to the lucky bastard who aids our client, Bad Luck, in his first big showmanship. And remember, that includes drinks AND desserts!"
  • "Yous' sound just like my father! What an asshole he was."
  • "I don't just crush races, I OWN them!"
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