Grogan Underlink
Vital statistics
Title Boss Grogan
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Griffin Mafia
Description Blind Eye, Blind Temper, Power-Hungry
Skills and Abilities Efficient Fighting Skills, High-Speed Flight, Sharp Claws and Ear-Piercing Roar
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
Alignment Criminal Evil

Boss Grogan Underlink is a griffin from Equestria's griffin lands, Griffinmainia. He is known for being the sadistic and conniving brother of Boss Grouse and a minor crime boss for the Griffin Mafia. He appears almost like his brother, except he is blind in one eye, and has a maroon and tan coloration. He and Grouse have always shared a bitter rivalry over control over the Griffin Mafia after their father passed away. He even admits that he would kill him himself one day since the will states that if one brother dies, the Griffin Mafia leadership will be passed down to the other. Though he refrains from doing so because murdering his own brother could do more harm than benefit. However, that doesn't stop him from persuing more 'clever ways" to get rid of Grouse then just going after him himself. He hired Mercenairy Changlings to frame Architect and Crimelord Titan as an aged smaller snake into stating that they demand for Grouse to steal the secrets of the Wonderbolts and to do whatever it is nessersary to atthive them, even though the real Architect and Titan don't give any real fucks about the secrets in light of considering the Wonderbolts "Ineffective Heroes" at best while at worse "Overrated Fools". His nasty plan worked and Grouse ended up looking like a reckless fool to the real Mafia Allience leaders for wasting their time and endangering their organisation with his "Imcompident Lies", thus deanouncing the Griffin Mafia as part of the Mafia Allience, though not without Architect having a feeling something was off. Grogan had no love for the Mafia Allience so he's glad to have the bonus of the Griffin Mafia being without them. He didn't even cared that the Underlink family is tarnished when Grouse is executed one day thanks to pushing a Wonderbolt recruit too far, espeically since he oragnised the deed himself and knew it was gonna happen anyway. The will shall leave control of the Griffin Mafia to him, and he shall win back the honor of his family, one that he ruined for his own selfish gain, and make the Griffin Mafia a true force to be reckon with, without the Mafia Alliance. And his first goal is killing Rainbow Dash, having a rather ironic and fickle sense of gratatude for getting rid of his brother. Though some other differences with Grogan and Grouse is that his skills in fighting are far more superior as a former captain of the Griffin Mafia's special forces, being able to break the backs of even the most powerful of pegasi, even with a blind eye.


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  • "If he's going to whine to our father's grave for control over all of Equestria like a spoiled little brat, then he's going to accept the responsibility of dealing with any Wonderbolt in the Force and Reserves that dares get in his way as if he thinks he knows better than me. If something DOES comes back to bite him, that's his fault."

Battle Conversation with Rainbow Dash (Yeah, I'm starting to feel pretty stupid not being specific. Tell you what, let's just leave this as it is and come back to it later. That should give you enough time to cope with the depravity of your computer time. Plus, you can check out not just the new MLP episodes, but also check out the new pictures and pages I've been making.)

  • Grogan:...And that is the history of my family!
  • Rainbow Dash:...Gee...I'm quite sorry about your dad...and I feel AWFUL for saying that.
  • Grogan: Oh, PLEASE, don't even get me started again. Grouse was ALWAYS the apple of my father's eye, while I was just the black sheep. My brother was a true pest. I would've killed him myself sooner or later. Certainly didn't help that I promised my family I would look after him and support him despite our rivalry.
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh, really? He was certainly a douche to me, but was he REALLY a douche to you?
  • Grogan: Oh, trust me, another thing I hated about him was how naïve he was. That little blackmailing incident was something I admit I would do for s***s and giggles because you're a Wonderbolt, a force that my family has been disgraced by before. But when it meant you would personally bash by brains out so easily, then I'd be far more serious than that.
  • Rainbow Dash: Believe me, anypony with strength like mine would NOT be the right one to blackmail. Grouse had it coming.
  • Grogan: Oh, he had it coming for LONGER than that. I mean, he's just a joke. Pissing and moaning if he didn't own every country in this overgrown farm. I've tried to prove myself better than him since the day our father died. But he always outclassed me. He definitely had the edge to prove he had the balls to run the Mafia...Then it happened. His stubborn gullibility and lack of foresight got the better of him, and he paid the ultimate price. I would expect him to just ramble on 'Rainbow Crash this, Rainbow Crash that'!
  • Rainbow Dash: Uh, pal, that's quite a bit of an exaggeration that I would expect my childhood bullies who basically INVENTED that phrase to say. Grouse may've been a jackass, but at least he wasn't a d*** about it! I'd say you two are exactly the same.
  • Grogan: Oh, trust me. There's a big difference between him and I! He liked to prove he was an unstoppable, calm, and collective jerk. I, on the other hand, just skip the unstoppable part, and just kick horse's ass as calm and collective as I can be. But after everything that has transpired...THERE IS NO CALMNESS AND COLLECTIVENESS LEFT IN ME FOR YOU!! WHICH IS WHY TODAY, I DINE ON PEGASUS STEW! (They continue fighting)
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