Grouse Underlink
Boss Grouse
Vital statistics
Title Boss Grouse, Leader of the Griffin Mafia
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Griffin Mafia
Description Corrupt and Power-Hungry
Skills and Abilities Strong, High-Speed Flight
Status Assumed Dead
Location Equestria
Alignment Criminal Evil
Boss Grouse Underlink is an Equestrian griffin who is infamous as the leader of the Griffin Mafia, and has great control and authority on even some of the Griffin Mafia's most infamous and powerful crime bosses and dons. He is the son of the founder, and the uncle of his greatest assassin, Orchid. He is a maroon, orange, and brown griffin with an Australian accent who takes his line of work very seriously. When he wants a job done, he expects it to be done no questions ask, and is not afraid to kill if it means the job is done. He was known to have tackled many mythical creatures such as ponies, centaurs, and even other griffins, injuring them, snapping their bones and other parts of their bodies, and even torturing them. He is protected from royal arrest because he managed to have gained diplomatic immunity, most likely from dishonest, backdoor, underhanded means. Besides Orchid, he has several other assassins that work for him, as well as an assistant/bodyguard in the form of a seagull-like griffin from the Griffin Navy named Bart von Stellar.


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