Abraholm Ve Jause
Boss Ve Jause
Vital statistics
Title Boss Ve Jause
Gender Male
Race/Species Zyonoid
Faction Villains Act
Description Greedy, Arrogant, Ambitious, Napoleon Complex
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Powerful Telepathic Abilities, Intelligence
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Zyonos III (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Zyomide System) (Homeworld)
  • Oranos (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Boss Abraholm Ve Jause is an Alternate UUniversal Zyonoid from the Moon of Zyonos III. He is a diminutive telepathic crime boss who runs almost every criminal syndicate within the Zyomide System, and is actually more powerful than any of his kind. He is a smart and cunning leader, a resourceful mastermind, and he has a reputation of telepathically-erasing the minds of his enemies. After an unethical business of being paid to wipe memories of people was shut down, he responded by regressing the one responsible into the mind of a baby, and leaving to become a successful crime lord of his race. But he tends to wear robes that are too long and give simpletons the impression he's taller than he really is, possessing a serious Napoleon complex. However, his part in massively funding a large upgrade onto the Space Knife of Colonel Scliges proved to be his undoing when dumb luck allowed his long-awaited capture. He even wears a large robe to show how metaphorically big he is.


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