Lorum Von Mestroy
Vital statistics
Title Boss Von Mestroy
Gender Male
Race/Species Dinotauran
Faction Criminal Kingdom
Description Mean and Grudge-Holding, Cunning Though Often Dumb At Times, Honorable Though Not Always Pleasant To Be Around, Criminalistic But With Standards, Anger Issues
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Wealth, Criminal Guard, Anarchic Dictatorship Under His Loyalty, Illegal Qooler Arsenal and Smuggled CrimeTech Technology
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Northyce City, Coythlis (Delta System, Tilocrum Sector, Gibri System) (Hometown)
Alignment Criminal Evil
Boss Lorum Von Mestroy is an Alternate UUniversal Dinotauran from Planet Coythlis. He is a rough monotremic bull-like being that lives in a quarter-ecumenopolis planet where, while there is a large quarter-global city on the north pole of the planet called Northyce City, the rest of the planet is a lawless wasteland which makes up his entire criminal kingdom. Despite the outside beauty, it had a syndicate empire that, though Lorum and his followers were never fans of, was nevertheless molded by the Villains Act, and Von Mestroy was there to not only provide for it, though not out of liking the VA as suppose to just giving them "professional curticy" because of seeing no beneifit in making enemies out of them, whether or not he strongly disagrees with their methods and the fact he deems the VA "Too Mainstream" for his tastes, but take it over when the Villains Act was destroyed. Thus Northyce City was the only place on the planet that was safe from his criminal empire, and it prospers well, yet Von Mestroy was too indomitable for any to take down even for the Heroes Act. His defenses originates from renegade officers from Northyce City's Police Department, and they declare anything in their territory their property and will kill anything that trespasses, and steal what they have. Though there are still secret emergency points scattered across the planet where people can teleport to Northyce City and are all protected by a neuro-scanning energy field that will zap anyone evil trying to enter. These points are protected by USRA law and damaging one of them even because of an accsident is punishable by a decade's worth of imprisonment in Northyce City's underground penal colony. His entire criminal empire is considered on par with all the anarchic criminal worlds like Ataxia, and had some activity in the New CrimeTech before Solo Morecraft took it down like his ancestry did before. It was an entire land for him to rule, and he remained unopposed. But he takes a dislike to Solo Morecraft because he dated and slept with his adopted Churrel daughter, and he forbidden him from coming back, even when his friends were starting to get comfortable in his land.


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