Boss Wolf

Boss Wolf
(also known as the Wolf Boss, Nick-named B.W.) is the secondary antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2. He is Lord Shen's most loyal servant, military strategist, and trusted right paw.


The Wolf Boss, along with his pack of wolf brothers and sisters, were once guards in Gongmen City's royal palace. The only member of the royal family ever to befriend the wolves was Shen — the frail, albino heir to Gongmen City's throne. Shen fed them, played with them, and treated them like family. It was then that the Wolf Boss swore his allegiance to the young prince.[2]

Boss Wolf's loyalty to Shen went as far as willingly helping the young lord wipe out an innocent farming village of pandas. Boss Wolf took a savage part in the massacre, as when he tried to slay an innocent panda cub. The child's father saved his son's life, whacking Boss Wolf in the face with his hammer and permanently scarring his left eye. Boss Wolf managed to outwit the farmer and he, along with other wolves and Shen gave chase to the farmer's family. It is presumed Boss Wolf may have been the one who killed Po's Mother, if not then Shen. Once the attack was made known to Shen's parents, Boss Wolf, along with his pack, was banished alongside his master.

In Kung Fu Panda 2[2]Edit

Boss Wolf first met Po, as well as the Furious Five, as he and his pack robbed the Musicians' Village of their metal to use for Lord Shen's cannons. When he saw Po, announced as the Dragon Warrior, he said "A Panda? That's impossible" due to the fact that he and his wolves had supposedly neutralized the threat of the pandas. Mocking Po's fat body and his fluffiness, he was surprised by Po's agility. After the rest of his pack had been defeated, he charged at Po with his hammer and struck a hard blow to his face when the panda was distracted by the symbol on his arm. Boss Wolf escaped, laughing.

He encountered Po and the Five again in Gongmen City as he attempted to stop them from rescuing the two surviving Kung Fu masters, Storming Ox and Croc. Having noticed how he was outnumbered, he ran away and escaped on a rickshaw cart. He and Po fought across town, using their carts to dodge and escape each other's attacks. But despite Po's success in finally catching him, Boss Wolf ended up leading Po and the Five into an ambush at the front gates of Shen's palace.

During the final battle between Po's group of Kung Fu masters and Shen's army of wolves and artillery of cannons, it quickly became apparent that the Kung Fu masters were winning. Fearful of being defeated, Shen ordered Boss Wolf to fire at the barrier of wreckage blocking their way to the city harbor. He hesitated, noting the amount of powder in the wreckage and arguing how some of his pack would be killed as a result. But Shen takes no concern over any loss of his wolf pack and orders Boss Wolf again to fire. Realizing that Shen takes no regard of his own army, Boss Wolf refused, and Shen killed him with his throwing blades and proceeded to fire the cannon himself.


Boss Wolf is fast, sneaky, and ruthless. He is very strong and clever, and is both respected and feared by his pack. Boss Wolf was Lord Shen's second-in-command and most loyal subordinate. He usually carried out Shen's commands without hesitation, but the one command he disobeyed cost him his life. When Shen ordered Boss Wolf to fire the cannon during the final battle with the Kung Fu masters, Boss Wolf hesitated as his pack would be caught in the blast, and refused. For his defiance, he was struck down by Shen's blades. Boss Wolf's refusal to sacrifice his troops shows that while he is still a ruthless warrior, he is nowhere near as evil as Shen. In fact, Boss Wolf was never shown to be completely evil. Despite being a wolf, he seems to be almost puppy-like at times - talking too much, making Lord Shen angry with his comments, and whimpering when his toe is stomped. Also, he obviously cares for his pack a lot, sharing a code of honor towards them.

Still, Boss Wolf was very savage, as he took part in the massacre of the Panda Village, and was even wicked enough to attempt to kill an innocent baby, which cost him his left eye at the hands of the child's father.

Fighting Style[4]Edit

The Wolf Boss makes up for lack of a singular Kung Fu style with brute strength, superior weaponry, resourcefulness, and clever cunning. He is both feared and respected by the wolf army under his command. He's not afraid to lay down some smack if the occasion calls for it, especially if his opponent is weaker and vastly outnumbered. Always accompanied by plenty of bandit partners, the Wolf Boss is a formidable foe for Po and the Furious Five. Able to take a beating and still keep coming, the Wolf Boss is a loyal defender of Lord Shen and his plan for the domination of China.[2]

He also appears in Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game as a multiplayer character. He is a skilled paw fighter and master with dual swords[source?], though he is often seen carrying and using a studded hammer.


The Wolf Boss appears to wear a dark piece of armor to protect him in battle like most of his fellow wolf warriors. He also wears dark gloves, and some rope wrapped around his waist and around one arm. Shen's red, eye-like emblem is seen on one of his shoulder pads, with the other one having spikes.

In Spongebob and Friends meet Brother Bear[6]Edit

in the spongebob and friends series, since Boss wolf was haif reformed, He became both a friend to a tribe of ice ageic Inunit people, shown that he appeared as a friend of Kenai and his brothers, is cause the Soothsayer brought him here to reform from his ways, but, some trouble from a bear, folllowing Sitka's death, put a snag in Soothsayer's plans. It also turns out that, He still shows loyalty to Shen dispite him almost being his murderor, but it's assumed that Shen must of apologied and cause of the history with the two, Boss Wolf took it and does not even bother to question why the Spirits even allowed Shen to come to the disney ice age, but it's assumed it's all part of their plan to ensure Shen nor Boss Wolf NOR The Wolf/Gorilla army won't be taken to the leage, as is part of their attempt to ensure the Kairi/Shen Propitcy happens, cause let's face it, Shen and his forces are too FREAKEN dangerious to become leagers, exspiecally with that dang cannon of theirs. He is shown to be neutral towards Kenai as he teases Kenai due to his arrogance when The Totem Ceremony is about to start but he helps Sitka, the older brother of Kenai and his other older brother, Denahi, stop arguments between the two and he stops Denahi from teasing Kenai about his totem after the ceremony. at the cerimony, he was very surprase that Kenai got the totum of love, so much, he made a refernce to the Nostagila Critic when he shouted what. He also sides with Kenai to kill the bear that took the fish from the basket Kenai failed to tie up and it is revealed that The Soothsayer saved his life and brought him to Kenai's village after the Gongmen City incident to start a process of redemption. After the bear's murder, and apawn the discovery of the Shell Louge Squad and Kairi (and some members of the Jungle Crew) he admititly went to Shen to tell him that the propitcy was ni! it's assumed Boss Wolf was not aware that Denahi was corrupted, cause Boss Wolf and the Wolf/Gorilla army partnered up with him, and subiqently end up being slightly corrupted to do irrational actions like try to capture Kairi instead of just chasing them to the mountain of just being imtimidating, as Shen truly ordered, and even tried to kill the louge from allowing his wolfs to fight the louge, to going too far by getting the Cannons' involed again. Thankfully, Boss Wolf and his troops seperated from Denahi after the failed atempted to capture Kairi again in the wasteland, but was able to contain Kaa, hoping to use as leverage to get the louge to willingly surrener Kairi, but he was abit surprased, but understanding that Shen rejects the plan after the Soothsayer said it'll only worsen the Louge's opinion for Shen, alcourse, After Shen learned the truth from Kaa the real purpose of the louge, he issues Kaa to be released to the salmon run area, though Boss Wolf was hestient at first, follows Shen's orders cause of both obedience, and fear of Shen almost murdering him again. It's not assumed he stayed corrupted with Denahi's absintes, but if he was still corrupted, Shen must of scared the corruption out of him, since it was only a minor case presumably, not being the target of Fagin's spell. Aside from his extremely stupid mistakes, he joined the louge following Shen's becoming of the louge's general, pretty much still his second command. Yeah, not much of a change, but hey, beats being dead.

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