Blenn Pobzolt Woltjer
Vital statistics
Title Boss Woltjer
Gender Male
Race/Species Slapstick Jumpfish (Aepysces bactrons)
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Blind Eye, More Slap-Happy Than Skipper
Skills and Abilities Aquatic, Amphibious Fish, Slippery Swimmer, Good Self-Defense Skills
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Gurgle Pools, Altus (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Carajax System) (Homeland)
  • Colorbloom Land Reefs, Altus (Current Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil
Boss Blenn P. Woltjer is an Alternate UUniversal Jumpfish from Planet Altus. He is an amphibious jumping fish who is a crime boss for his home planet who became this way as a result of being picked on even at his former job. He is blind in one eye as the result of an infection caused by an injury sustained by a bully, which was the final straw that reduced him to a life of crime. He became one of the top crime lords on Altus who had close dealings to Nanobyte as he gave him a lot of trouble before he went into the Heroes Act. Before he inevitably joined the Villains Act, Woltjer was famous for conquering dozens of territories across Altus, dominating through underwater trenches, aquifers, and underground hideaways, having strength consisting of predatory fish, and amphibian followers who swindle money out of sports including moon games. He still remains at large even after the fall of the Villains Act.


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